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Straight out of the backwoods of Vermont, comes Social Deception. Born from the mind of Matthew Stoddard, who plays all insturments and sings. A passion project with little or no interest in money or fame, he is content with staying underground, using music and information to wake the masses to the destruction of America, and the rapid movement torwards Global Government, perpetrated by The New World Order/Banker Elite/Federal Reserve/Multi-National Corporations.
Beyond this, we see the glimmer of hope and emotion underneath the electromagnetic chaos. Screaming out against the the slow death of nature, civilization perpetuates. Searching hungry for the soul of mankind. Searching with heart on sleeve for connection with other true souls on this dark night. Come with as we smash the control machines, as we reconnect with the past, and manifest the future past the inevitable suffering, and destruction, perpetuated by a shadow government, bent on power and dominance. We wake up the sleepwalkers! We unmask the fast talkers! We are free humanity!
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Matthew Stoddard (Oldboy)
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Social Deception
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Alternative / Industrial / Gothic

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Rutland, VT

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