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Leo has been playing blues since he saw Albert King in London in 1990. Yep, that's what I did. I think all music is closely related to the blues, not just in format, but in tone, message and feel. It's a human condition that we all try to deal with and express. I have been an excessive lifestyler in the past, all of which came to a halt the day I got diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. After 20 some odd years of hitting it hard, I now live clean, and I love it! The clarity that comes with sobriety is second to none, and helps me with my battle with the disease. My music has grown, my voice improved, and my imagination has exploded. I set achievable goals for my music, am a hopeless romantic, just got married to my amazing wife and look forward and upwards everyday that I can, and listen to my physical and emotions 'moments', as needed and commanded by my condition. I'm a fighter and very proactive, I love cats, have 5 of them and am as crazy as all of them. I used to love being out and about, very social animal type, but now I find that I get bored quickly around people who are getting drunk progressively through out an evening. If I have a gig, it's ok, because I am there for music, but I rarely stay out past happy hour anymore. I get more done around the house too! LOL. I love traveling, road trips, swimming, driving and food. I have had to completely change my diet as the cancer was preceeded by pancreatitis, but the pair together have necessitated an even more aggressively fine tuned diet that consists of mostly vegetables and fruit, with the odd piece of fish and organic chicken if I feel naughty.

Bella Adela is the bomb. Nuff said for now!

George Nuñez grew up in D.H., living around the crazy people there when one day he heard Stevie Ray Vaughan. This experience turned him from a hard core punk rocker into a blues enthusiast. He loves road trips to the Texas Hill country, the Valluco, and to Mexico. George says, “There ain’t nothing wrong with a good cold beer, no matter the brand. Yee haw. Y asî es la calabaza.”

The blues are not simply a format or style. They are part of the human condition. This Trio own it

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Leo Aston, George Nuñez and Bella Adela
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The Leo Trio
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Houston, TX
Leo Aston

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