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Raised in Pine Bluff, Arkansas (home to blues legends Big Bill Broonzy and Cedell Davis), Dave Sadler began playing guitar at the age of twelve. Coming from a musical household, that includes a distant relationship to Johnny Cash, a grandfather who was an amateur minstrel singer, and a mother who was a piano teacher - it is no small surprise that Dave continued the musical journey.

Growing up on the edge of the Delta, blues inspired music surrounded Sadler. Where a typical kid might have been found listening to the latest top 40 rock hit, Dave, a self-taught musician who plays by ear, would often be found locked away in his room listening to the likes of B.B. King and Elmore James, trying to emulate their playing styles.

Also heavily influenced by modern players such as Eric Clapton, Robert Cray, Stevie Ray Vaughn and others, Dave's playing style is a blend of blues, rock, jazz and funk, utilizing both electric and acoustic guitars.

Dave Sadler is affiliated with BMI as a songwriter/composer publishing and recording for the independent label, BluezArt Records.


Matchbox (2014) BluezArt Records
Keeping the Blues Alive, Vol 6 (2014) Mary4Music
Keeping the Blues Alive, Vol 1 (2012) Mary4Music
Fade to Blue (2008) BluezArt Records

Matchbox (2013) BluezArt Records
People Get Ready (2013) BluezArt Records
Po Monkey (2013) BluezArt Records
Fourth Street Ruckus (2012) BluezArt Records


"Matchbox" (2014)
Featuring 10 blues infused, soulful guitarcentric tracks from the edge of the Delta, "Matchbox" consists of five original tunes and five familiar covers that spread across the blues, blues-rock and jazz-fusion genres. Musicians joining Dave and contributing on this project include: Jim McCarty, Randy Landas, Roly Platt, Dan Cipriano, Marvin Taylor, Frank Briggs, Phil Clarke, Dave Grant, Will Tang, Pat Murdoch, Mel Sarreal, James Ryan and Jesse Rocha.

"Keeping the Blues Alive, Vol 6" (2014):
"Keeping the Blues Alive" Vol. 6, a compilation CD produced by Peter "Blewzzman" Lauro and Mary Roby of Mary4Music.com, was released September, 2014 and is now being distributed for radio airplay. "Junior's Jam" by Dave Sadler appears on the release along with 9 other tracks by various blues artists.

"Keeping the Blues Alive, Vol 1" (2012):
"Keeping the Blues Alive" Vol. ,1 a compilation CD produced by Peter "Blewzzman" Lauro and Mary Roby of Mary4Music.com, was released in 2012 and is being distributed for radio airplay by Frank Roszak promotions. "Fourth Street Ruckus" by Dave Sadler appears on the release along with 9 other tracks by various blues artists.

"Fourth Street Ruckus" (2012):
“Fourth Street Ruckus” (single) a frenetic paced, big blues sound with blistering harmonica and guitar work accompanied by the precision horn work of Dan Cipriano. Roly Platt, one of Canada’s premiere diatonic harmonica players teams with Dave on this title track for the new EP, “Fourth Street Ruckus”, scheduled for release late 2012. Platt, a Toronto native, has become a sought-after live and studio musician due to his versatility and skill. Dan Cipriano, one of the busiest saxophone players in New York, is also no stranger to the music world having toured or recorded with Wilson Pickett, Bruce Springsteen and many others.

"Fade to Blue" (2008):
Fade to Blue is a 16 track, full-length CD by Dave Sadler on BluezArt Records. On Fade to Blue you will find a variety of guitar driven, blues inspired tracks ranging from Chicago, Texas, and traditional Delta influenced tunes, to blues/rock/jazz fusion, and reggae numbers. Working with accomplished studio musicians from across the U.S. and the U.K., Dave Sadler has compiled a collection of music that draws from the blues/rock heritage of the nation's mid-section.

All releases by Dave Sadler are available on iTunes, CDBaby, Amazon and other popular download locations.

For more information: www.davesadlermusic.com

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