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For thousands of years the lost souls of humankind have wandered the infinite darkness, many without direction or a sense of purpose. There are some however; a growing silent majority with the inborn ability to be awakened. These are The Slain. Like a quake churning the crust of the Earth, we will startle the masses from their mindless slumber and add them to our numbers, forming an alliance that will be forever known as The Legion Of Awakening. We will wage war on those who have fought us, beaten and taught us, that our dreams are all insane. Our battle-cry will echo through the chasm of time: The Legion Is Rising! The Legion Is Rising! THE LEGION IS RISING!!!

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Bekken, Souless, Azrael, Orrobas, Dram
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Dirge For The Slain
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Metal / Hardcore

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Chesapeake, VA

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