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Proof I Exist is a one-man solo effort with a full-band sound. The DIY project began in 2003 with the release of lo-fi basement recordings to immediately surrounding radio stations. The first EP, Paint it Black and Don't Look Back, was recorded using nothing but a computer mic and some generic software, but still managed to earn the attention of local media who dubbed the "obvious musical talent" of solo-artist Paul Kulis a "recipe for success."

Kulis, whose past collaboration with funk band Frogger has landed him on stage with O.A.R. and earned him a several season stint as background music for MTV's Undressed, continued recording hours of demos and snippets that would eventually emerge as completed multi-track recordings. After a subsequent solo EP, Will Rock 4 Food, and a 3-year run as front-man for indie-punk band Tricked by Nixon, Kulis set out to hit the solo singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist trail harder than ever. Adopting the album title from Tricked by Nixon's only full-length album, Kulis spawned his own record label, Scatterbrainiac Records, and set to work on his first full-length solo album.

Operating out of a basement in the suburbs of Cleveland, the debut LP, Suburban Sci-Fi, was recorded with a slight upgrade in equipment and boasts all-live instrumentation. The album was recorded over the course of several years, combining the sounds of Kulis's past collaborations and releases. Seeking only the help of local audio engineer Reggie Holmes of SDC Studios for the recording of vocals on a hand-full of tracks, Kulis returned to his home studio (aka Scatterbrainiac Studios) where he completed mixing and producing the tracks in late 2011.

Intended for the summer of 2012, the album was given an early release on November 8, 2011 and has since then begun slowly climbing the charts. The tracks "Modern Day Love Song," "Season of Make-Believe," and Ghost Rider" have become favorites among Ohio college radio stations and Internet podcasts throughout the country. Amidst the promotion of this release, Kulis is eager to begin work on his next full-length, Tales from the Heartbreak City, which is already written and awaiting production. With edgier material and a rawer and more intimate sound, Kulis anticipates that this will be a quick and dirty follow-up to the polished sound of Suburban Sci-Fi.

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