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An innovative and ageless singer, songwriter, keyboardist (keys with bass on split KB), piano teacher, hand-drummer, and esoteric musical practitioner, Clara straddles the genres of soulful sexy blues, eclectic jazz, torchy ballads, latinesque, rock, boogie, shamanic, peace and protest songs, light classic; she produces dynamic mixes. All of her music is jazz-infused and very creative. She has powerful left-hand bass lines and riffs and she loves doing keyboard counterpoints and harmonies with her vocal intonations. Her voice has been described by fans as "orgasmic'"as well as "celestial".

She says of her music: " I love Blues because I’m a very passionate person and the Blues is the perfect medium to express human emotions. I love Ballads because they are the most personal way I can tell my own life story. Jazz, which I also like to perform (but not listen to), gives me all kinds of opportunities to create – on-the-spot -- and take things in many directions. So I have Blues to convey my most basic passions, Jazz to provide mental exercise, and Love Ballads to coax me into revealing things about myself that I would never speak of in conversation!

My peace and cosmic songs are vehicles for my ethereal self, the self that honors in awe the Great Spirit or Energy or Source that operates our galaxy and touches and fills each of us large and small creatures on this planet. I hope to hear from people who like what I’m putting into my music. Please visit my website at www.claralandau.com and my blog at http://ladywolfsnotes.blogspot.com. "

Clara's music moniker is “the Lady Wolf”, which refers to her affinity to the marvelous, mystical wolf (whom our government is currently destroying), to the wolf’s wide range vocalizations, and to a thread of Native American ancestry that runs through Clara's veins (Mohegan -- known also as "the wolf people"). Her wolf I.D. has been a part of her identity for a very long time. Her music evolved over years of stage and studio, with influences of hundreds of musicians and show-biz people. She's got a Ph.D. in holistic health but says she's mostly a "practicing musician". When performing, the doctor is definitely "in". Some of her finest recent original songs were created in her quest to offer music for healing, especially for her own recovery from injuries she got in a church shooting.

Clara loves and respects animals and nature. A seeker of truth, peace, and compassion, Clara has done lots of volunteer work for children, animals, prisoners, and elderly.

The question sometimes asked is "How old is this child-woman-wise sage, anyway?" Well, it's anybody's guess. Her best friend suspects she's an alien (the cosmic kind). She came to Knoxville, TN from New Haven, CT -- and before that ... from Europa?

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CLARA-Eclectic Blues, Ballads, Jazz, and Other!
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