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Robert Anthony Armstrong Jr. (born January 25, 1994), better known by his stage name Cash Molly, was born and raised in the streets of Harlem, New York. Cash grew up around thugs but always been different out the group. He was known as a funny,smart,handsome,boy on the block. People view him as the "ladies man". In Cash's childhood growing up he was hilarious like Martin and the ladies love him like LL Cool J. Cash Molly has always been around hip hop music. At the age of 9, Cash was first introduced to the rap game by his cousin. Cash watched his cousin record tracks on Protools, and during creative sessions with his cousin he first developed his current stage name, "Cash Molly." He created that name off of watching cartoons and alot of funny animated movies growing up. If u brake down Cash Molly's name u will see that it means cashing out on molly and being addicted, so when any one cash out on any of molly material you will be addicted to Robert's brand like if he was a drug. Recently Cash Molly form a group called Fame Club.The name stands for 2 meanings, "Fuck all my enemies and fashion always mean everything. Everyone in the crew is weird and talented in their own way, But Cash Molly is the most turn up black hippie you will ever meet! The team fame club started in Harlem but now in soho. Cash Molly Just released his official EP "Grand theft awdio". Also he is currently working on his clothing line "Snarly Life".

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Cash Molly
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New York, NY

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