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"There is a lot in Idris' music that is highly original even though he's treading a well-worn path. His delivery is so personal and intimate. An instant classic" - Mark J Bennet, Soundcloud

GREETINGS and welcome to my page! So at the minute I'm compiling all of my recent work into a new album which will hopefully be recorded this Autumn..! In the meantime however I'm very excited to announce that my first music video is soon to be published by WheelBellow! I've seen a first draft and I'm really pleased with it! Can't wait!

I draw from traditional songs, ideas and phrases and weave them into my songs and to add to the rich tapestry of folk music. But I've not always been a musician, I trained in architecture and as a child I never really engaged with music. It was only later when I discovered one of my mothers Lightning Hopkins records gathering dust and put it on. Boy! Well that started it for me and I've not looked back since. I now live in Peckham, South London where I work behind a local bar and play the other side of it too, often (and happily) through the night.

I started recording when I started writing as this was the best way, I felt, to keep a record of the music. Upon joining SC I've arranged most of my recordings into 6 albums and an EP. The first 3 albums, from the early days, I call Bootlegs (the last of these being Testerest, The Best of The Rest). These 3 albums really illustrate my learning process. Imitations - you can hear me trying to sound like Dylan I'm sure on a couple of tracks. And there are also the first songs I wrote there - love songs of course! The last 3 albums I've compiled under the sub-title Sketch Songs as they're all just sketches. But, ranging from 2008 - 2011 they represent the more recent work from me. The last, The Dental Demos EP is just the result of a recording oppotunity I had earlier this year. Foolishly I just recorded the songs off the top of my head and none of the new songs I'd been writing at the time. So I've saved these up and now have loads of material for my next album. I really want to put everything into this one. I have a couple of collaborations lined up, duets and such, as well as other experimentation's but I really want to do it right - and that means preparation! So I'm not rushing anything but hope to have things ready to go into the studio in a month or so - about the time my music video will be released!

Well, anyway, I'm rambling - sorry!

All that left to say really is thanks for visiting my page and I hope you enjoy what you hear!

"The first time I listened to [Idris], I thought just maybe, Nick Drake was alive and well and hiding out in the UK" - Mimi Cross sirenstories.com


~The Bootlegification Vol 1
~The Bootlegification Vol 2
~Testerest - The Best Of The Rest
~SKETCH SONGS - In The Trees
~SKETCH SONGS - The Sternhall Sessions
~SKETCH SONGS - Peckham Melodies
~The Dental Demos EP

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