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Keith Wallace aka Full Klip, was born in the heart of Miami FL. Just like

most young black men he dreamed of leaving his mark on the world. However, one

bad decision at the age of fourteen took his life on a six-year detour behind bars. The

confinement of bars could not rob him of his dream. In fact, this isolation from society

allowed him to fine tune his skills as a rapper. Whatever greatness God instills in you

can’t no prison take from you unless you allow them to.

In 2004, Full Klip left prison with more than he went in with, just like Malcolm

X, he gained knowledge, Societies knowledge that 1 + 1 = 2 but 1 + 1 = whatever he

wanted it to. He learned that you have the ability to create your own definition.

He didn’t waste anytime, getting into the rapping arena. He hit every avenue

that was at his fingertips. He had to get his voice out in the community and this was one

vehicle he used. While at Live & Let Live Record, he recorded over a hundred songs.

Word had got out on the streets about his skills and he was invited to perform at FAMU’s

homecoming game. Local artist such as Trick Daddy, had Full Klip open for his show.

He went on to perform at Club Metropolis located in Downtown Miami. He did repeated

performances at Club Metropolis. Full Klip name was traveling faster than he was, he

was invited to perform in the Orange Bowl Spring Bling Concert where he opened up

for Rick Ross. In 2008, he entered the Hip Hop Idol competition and made it to the final

round. Unfortunately, the finals of the competition never materialized. This competition

didn’t put a damper on Full Klip’s desire to make music. In fact his passion for his music

was recognized during the 2008 Beats On The Beach Concert.

His most recent mix tape titled “Welcome To Kolumbine” which was produced

by Black Wall Street Producer/Rapper Nu Jerzey Devil, Who is featured on the 2nd track

on Full Klip mix tape. The record business is not an easy business to break into, so Full

Klip has to make it happen the best way he can. (UG Stations)

Like a doctor is to medicine, Full Klip is to rap music, he makes the mind think,

the body move and spirit yearn for a better tomorrow.


2Pac, OutKast, Scar Face, Jay-Z, UGK, 8Ball&MJG, Trick Daddy, T.I,Bun B,PimpC

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Full Klip, FK, The Don Dula, Klip
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Full Klip
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