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Who is M.I.Alien ? M.I.Alien is the alter ego of me, Juice.
Where are you from ? Born and raised in the bottom.. M.I.A.. Little Haiti, Dade County, Florida.
What all can you do music wise ? EVERYTHING!
​Who did you grow up listening to and who influenced you to get into the music industry ? 2pac, Ice Cube, Scarface, and Eazy E.
​Who do you feel can compete with you musically in the industry today ? Nobody.
Who are your favorite artists in the game right now ? T.I., Kendrick Lamar, Kanye, Jay-Z, Andre 3000 and Eminem.
​What makes you so different from everyone else ? My music, my attitude, my cool.
​Do you write all of your own songs ? Yes!
​Who would you like to collaborate with ? I do not have any specific preferences. Anybody in the game.
​What/Who motivates you the most to pursue your dreams in music ? The money is "what" motivates me to have a better lifestyle for "who" my family and I.
​What are your expectations from your music today ? I'm bout biznez... It's all about the money. I need to eat, so wherever my music takes me I'm willing to go.
​How long have you been pursuing music ? Since 1991.
​Who is your biggest support/fan(s) ? Myself and my family.

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