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Here it is folks:

Radio Yesterdays is a rock band based out of the Charleston, West Virginia area. The name Radio Yesterdays is a metaphor describing the times and the influences from which our music is drawn. Radio Yesterdays salutes an era when music wasn't so overly compartmentalized by sub-genres and one album could run though an entire litany of sounds and styles.

Remember when everyone listened to the radio and that's when you'd hear the first new hit from your favorite band? Remember when music did not live in the digital domain, but in the real world, and it was an adventure to go to the mall and thumb through all the records and CDs in anticipation until you found the one you could not live without? Remember liner notes? Remember camping out for concert tickets? Remember concerts? Remember going to see live music in bars? There was a whole counter-culture that has been lost to the double edged sword of ones and zeros. (The irony is not lost on us that our music will be mostly heard on the internet and this bio and pictures will soon be uploaded to ReverbNation). Simply stated, Radio Yesterdays represents that romantic period when we all first started learning what rock really was about and the loss of innocence began.

Radio Yesterdays draws heavily on the influences of the Beatles, Zeppelin, The Police, Rush, Van Halen, Pink Floyd, Big Wreck, anything by Butch Walker, Steve Lukather and Michael Landau. The main writers, Bill Dean and Matt Poff, were children of the 80's and as such have a bit of a heavy influence (although only at times) and a reverence of all the shredders of the period: Via; Satriani; Paul Guilbert; Malmsteen (you get the idea).

Although the music is a hat tip to all those great artists, the music still comes across as modern in its own way. We just want to capture that vibe we all had when we were kids and music was the most important thing in the word. Now, of course, we have wives and children and responsibilities, thus giving the music a bit more of a mature sound. Most songs even include a mandolin and dobro which adds a bit of a Country sound, but are played not in their traditional way, instead are set to the soundscapes of rock.

At current, we have six fully recorded songs on ReverbNation. He have a host of others that are in various phases of production. They will be added as soon as they are finished. Feel free to listen to our music as often as you like and please take the time to share it with others. In the words of David Lee Roth, “If you love us ,tell a friend. If you hate us, tell an enemy.”

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Bill Dean, Matt Poff
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Radio Yesterdays
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Rock / Modern

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Charleston, WV

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