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Kaucion is a rapper/Producer!!!

Born in Enterprise, AL, raised in Boston (Dorchester)! Kaucion has the best of both worlds in his veines. "Growing up, eventhough we didn't have the latest technology, we always had music in the house. From my moms having get togethers, cookouts, damn near every function, there was some type of music".

"There was days when i was bored in the house, and i literally played every casette, cd, i could find. My older brothers had the mixtapes on deck and rap music for days. Dirty south, west coast, east, etc so i have influences from everywhere. But being from the east coast and the south i decided to fuse the two to try and create a new sound".

But however, school is where music took its control over Kaucion.
"I didnt realize til i got older that i used to rap since like 7th-8th grade. Come up with stupid little rhymes about the teachers and what not and just freestyle and try to make sense about stuff."

"i started writing music when i came across my older bros rhyme book in the closet. Since then i literally started filling up notebooks, but never EVER let nobody read them lol . i was over protective about my rhymes cuz i didnt want peple to know i rapped".

Fortunately when Kaucion started highschool, he was accepted into the Boston Arts Acadmey (Class of 05').

"yeah man, Kaucion went to a music school for highschool. I went for instruments, and i played the calrinet and saxophone. But the funny thing was,i never looked like the typical horn player. I had ppl come up and be like wtf do you go here for? i'd be like the clarinet and saxophone, and they'd be like wtf? i would never expect it! but yeah its true haters say what you want but it enhanced my music ability"!

"i learned how to read sheet music, learned all the major scales, learned how to play notes on piano, how to compose, and a whole bunch of other stuff that the average person didnt know they could learn about music."

"I performed numerous time with the school ensemble at Berklee college of music, done auditions, met world class composers from different syphonies, etc so i had the opportunity to learn music in ways ppl can only imagine. Im grateful for that".

"but yo! back to this rap thing though, highschool changed my life in the rap scene. I mean since freshmen year there was an underground low key battle scene we had at school. at first i was shy and scared to rap, but when i tell you niggaz rapped EVERY SINGLE DAY i mean EVERY SINGLE DAY. we would battle each other, freestyle in large groups, all sorts of stuff. so highschool definately shaped my rapping".

"Producing wise, i gotta be honest. i didnt start til in my 20's lol. i just got tired of rapping over industry beats and everybody elses beats so i just learned how to make my own beats. I worked with a few local artists but nothing major though. so now i just gotta make history from here on out.!!!"

Time will Tell....

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