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"What? The band's name is what?...POOR YORICK...the long dead jester to the now dead king,.. just a skull,.. from the play,.. 'Hamlet'...you know,...by Shakespeare?....the writer? Yes, he's dead too.

Sometime in 1987 in Austin, Texas, that which was to become POOR YORICK began to emerge from the primordial ooze. Actually, the seminal members of PY met in a rather huge psychiatric hospital...(they we're the paid help if it must be told) and started playing their original song-oriented, rock tunes around the Austin music scene.

POOR YORICK'S INFLUENCES are predictably rooted in the classic rock, pop, blues, folk, country, jazz of the '60s and 70's to be sure,...and as a result the original songs, though 'eclectic' (oh, that word), are still comfortable and accessible to anybody who appreciates such roots. The band has been recording since the '80s and has an extended list of independent LP collections to their credit. (see discography below). Most of the PY catalog is available right here on this site.

Though there have been some transient members over the years (and we mean that in the nicest way), a consistent core has managed to cling together and crack on far into the 21st century. The band is anchored by seminal member RON NOTTEBART who contributes much of the band's current original repertoire as writer and lead singer. JAMES JOHNSON, another original member, handles much of the lead guitar work and backing vocals. The hard-to-ignore "WOODY" WOODRUFF, yet another of the original 'Yoricks', holds down the bass-work and shines vocally on occasion with the "odd" ditty here and there (...and we mean "odd"). Keyboard/vocal duties are aptly handled by one-time-mentor-now-full-time member, "LOST" JOHN CASNER. And on drums/percussion/vocals with all kinds of chops is the amazing TRISHA REIS.

This band might be summed up (though it is to be doubted) by a fan who came up during a break at a local show years ago to say how much he was enjoying the music and that..."nobody is doing this anymore." Doing what?...Exactly!

So...come and marinate in the uber-dramatical pastiche! (yeah,..we had to look it up too).


2017 SINGLE 'Guacamole!'
2015 SINGLE 'Sociopath'
2013 SINGLE/EP 'Polka! Polka! Polka!'
2012 SINGLE/EP 'Another Horse Race'
2012 LP (CD) 'Jester Vault'
2008 LP (CD) 'Yuletide Fool'
2007 LP (CD) 'A Fish Tale'
2005 LP (CD) 'Aren't You Glad You Came'
1995 (CD) LP 'Caucasia'
1992 (CD) LP 'What Fools'
1992 (Cassette) EP 'Let's All Be Normal'
1990 (Cassette) LP 'Comedies and Tragedies'
1988 (Cassette) LP 'Armchair Vacation'

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Ron Nottebart, "Woody" Woodruff, James Johnson, John Casner, Trisha Reis
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Poor Yorick
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Austin, TX