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Chuck E. Cheese grew up at the St. Marinara Orphanage outside Atlantic City, New Jersey. Growing up feeling slightly out of place, a mouse among boys, he found pure joy and escape in music. At St. Marinara’s band room, he learned to play many instruments, but his favorite of all time is his (built-to-size) guitar. Chuck E. dabbles in many sorts of musical styles, from punk to pop, from country to rap, but at the end of the day, it doesn’t matter what style of music he plays. Chuck E. is happiest when he gets to play for children.

Early in his career, Chuck E. tried performing for grown-ups, but it just didn’t sit well. “I couldn’t do it,” Chuck E. says plainly. “I was a nervous wreck; I wanted to go hide in a hole.” But the moment the gig changed into a performance for a kid’s birthday party, Chuck E. was transformed. “Everyone deserves a great birthday party. I just sang from my heart,” Chuck E. says.

So, from those small gigs in a New York City pizzeria to command performances around the country in his namesake “Chuck E. Cheese’s restaurants," Chuck E. along with his crew of misfit bandmates, has performed for countless kids.

“Sure, parents are there too, but I do it for the kids,” says Chuck E. And for every performance and every song, Chuck E. just hopes kids can listen, dance, and enjoy - and most of all, “be a kid!”

Chuck E.’s bandmates include:

Pasqually: An effervescent Italian chef/drummer. It was Pasqually who first gave Chuck E. a chance to perform. It’s also Pasqually who holds the secret to Chuck E. Cheese’s delicious pizza recipe. “It’s the cheese!” says Pasqually, who never could keep a secret.

Helen Henny: The outspoken vegetarian vocalist of Chuck E.’s band. She loves to shop, dance, and though she is indeed a chicken, she’s not afraid to try new things. Rumors of her dating Chuck E. have neither been confirmed nor denied.

Jasper T. Jowls: This Tennessee hound dog howls the loudest on his bass guitar in Chuck E.’s band. A mellow melodeon, Jasper also loves to play fetch, but admits that “if you throw the ball too far, you’re just gonna have to wait a bit.”

Mr. Munch: Well, honestly, not a lot is known about Mr. Munch other than – he realllly loves pizza. If anyone has any information on exactly what Mr. Munch is, please let us know; we’d be interested in finding out.

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Chuck E. Cheese
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