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I’m Aaron. My life and career consists of my relationship with God, Music, & Entrepreneurship. I’m blessed to say I am an unashamed, unshakable, believer in Christ. I love my family, and people with all my heart. I’m married to a beautiful girl named Katie… Tomberlin, and we have an amazing married relationship. She is the best friend I’ve ever had. My life philosophy is loving God and others more than yourself- success and happiness comes as a result of doing so.
There’s something indescribably beautiful about the element of music itself. To me, it’s perhaps a language that triggers inspiration, deep emotion, and spiritual communication with a soul- being yourself, the creator, or another, the listener. Therefore, I believe that the art of creating music should not be limited by sources outside ones own inspiration. Music is that important, and the freedom to express music is even more important. While there is a place for career, business, and criticism, I believe music is best when created first by the pure creativity and inspiration of one’s soul and thought. After all, if music is a language of our soul, inspired by emotion, then that’s where creation should first take place. The art of music and the ability to learn music should be freely shared.
I have taken a slightly different approach to my personal music, and the priority of my art. I love earning money and having success in life. Who doesn’t? But, I believe I’ve been put in a unique place in life where I can share my art, my music and songs, with everyone without having to worry about the success of my career and the profits from my creativity. What I have, has only been gracefully given to me by God anyway. Because of this, you’ll find that my personal music is out there free to listen to and own. Also, my music ideas and lessons are free to learn from. I like it this way. I enjoy the ability to openly share music with my peers without the added stress of business coming first. So you’ll find that many of the songs I write and record as well as music lessons, are on my websites and YouTube for you, for free. I hope you can enjoy listening to the music as much as I have enjoyed creating it for you.

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