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At a very young age I traveled the world with three like-minded peers and our own take on musical expression called “Mind Over Four”. We played shows from Memphis to Rome, holding court in clubs, squats and
theaters,making noise in the alternative underground. We played with bands as diverse as “The Vandals”, “Jane’s Addiction”, “The Fall”,and “Pantera”. We recorded six albums on six different independent labels and toured non-stop, seeing the world from highway to venue.

Check out "Mean Deviation" a new book by Jeff Wagner on progressive music, Jeff included Mind Over Four, citing the contributions the band made toward progressive music and articulating the dilemma of a band that was not of its time. "...They always had as much in common with Jane's Addiction as Voivod. Hints of punk, soul, and funk; stop-on-a-dime tempo shifts; an organic production crackling with electric energy..."

I become a touring guitarist for the industrial music pioneers “KMFDM”, touring
throughout the US, Canada and Europe, and appeared in their documentary “Beat by Beat” and video “Juke
Joint Jezebel”.

I played guitar for the” Joan Jones Band” becoming a main touring/recording guitarist and a co-writer on her “Brown Blonde” album.

My guitar playing brought my work to the attention of SoCal's Overbreaker. I did a record with them on Authentik Artists' label who helped us place several MTV spots "Jersey Shores/Road Rules and The Real World", as well as a European race car game, "SuperStars V8: Next Challenge"

My new EP is released. Six new songs recorded at "Wembly House Recording"
Produced my Robert Columbus
Antonio Beliveau and Mike Beliveau from the Crash Kings appear with Josh Jove of the Shelters and Silvertooth Loos and the Witch, playing guitar and singing background.

New EP mixed by Chris Gill, Gold record producer/ songwriter (Shinedown) in Nashville for a June 2015 release.Digital and vinyl

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