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Experimental brass Death Metal
from Florida

Markradonn is a very different death metal band than what you may be used to. Drawing influences from multiple sources, such as Black Metal, Soundtrack Composers, Aboriginal music, and classic Florida Death Metal, Markradonn creates an epic and powerful sound that “if they don’t leave an imprint in your memory, they will certainly leave some blood in your eardrums.”-XRP Radio, UK

In addition to using the conventional “metal” instrumentation, Markradonn incorporates a full time brass section and a full time timpani player to add another dimension to the music. The band feels that digital samples sound fake and sterile, so they decided to use real instruments to create a bigger, more “soundtrack” type of sound to the music. The addition of hand percussion, natural drums, and aboriginal instruments also add a “ritualistic” tone to the music. However, the band retains the basic elements of Death Metal, and you can expect Markradonn to be uncompromising and unrelenting while staying true to their Extreme Metal Roots.

Markradonn released their second EP on December 15th, 2015 entitled "The Serpentine Deception". It featured a huge brass section that included tuba, cimbasso, trombone, euphonium, trumpet, and baritone. Within the first 2 weeks of its release, "The Serpentine Deception" was named "Album of the Year" by Obscure Chaos Zine and "#1 EP of 2015" by Kingdom Promotions, and Markradonn was named as "one of the top 10 bands of 2015" by Norman Ingram of Rock Addict Radio. The new EP showcases a step up in talent, musicianship, songwriting, creativity, and production from their debut EP "Final Dying Breath".

The band is currently in production of CEREMONIAL ABNEGATION, a 4 part, 25+ song epic about a man who has completely renounced his life and all of his beliefs in a ceremony that results in the end of his life, and the entire process of his soul/essence returning to the place of the first creation. The first part begins with the protagonist spiraling into the depths of self-hating madness, and he soon begins to become consumed by his own hatred and rage that eventually leads him to the ritualistic end to his life. The last three songs of the first part deal with the final ten seconds of his life and his last breath of air before the essence of his life force leaves his body, describing his last thoughts, emotions, and revelations. The tone is resentful, contemptuous, painful, and evolves into a deep spiritual awareness, which leads in to the second album…

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Tim Carter: Drums
Jon Katz: Timpani, Percussion
Haniel: All Guitars, Vocals, Bass, Lead Guitar
Dennis Bottaro: 6-string Bass, Hand Percussion, Didgeridoo, Clean Lead Guitar on "Stillness...
Rich Blankenship: Trombone, Baritone
Austin Kinard: Trumpet, Baritone
Robin Sisk: Tuba
Drew Prichard: Cimbasso
Danny Rowland: Tuba, Euphonium
Gavin Pritchard: Hand Percussion on "Serpentine Deception"
Nick Weaver: Trumpet, French Horn (Live); Bass on "Stillness..."
Allen Raia: Rhythm Guitar (Live)
Jesse Hudson: Vocals (Live)
Beka West: Euphonium, Trombone (Live)

Guest Percussionist on "The Serpentine Deception" EP:

Gavin Pritchard

Guest Musicians on Final Dying Breath EP:
Alexis Regazzi: Guest Trombone on the track "Frenzied Winter Sorrow"
Beka West: Euphonium on “Internal Hate Unbounded”
Chris King: Trumpet
Matt Farrignton: French Horn, Trumpet, fretless bass


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Metal / Death Metal / Brass Metal

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Leesburg, FL
Haniel/Altara Blakthorne/Erik Martin, Bluntface Records

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