Born Sheriff Hunley, May 16, 1982 Brody grew up in North Philadelphia in a single parent home with his mother and two siblings.The Logan Valley bad boy was always a big fan of hip-hop culture,writing his first rhyme by the age of 12 under the moniker "Action Newz".It was clear early on he was bitten by the "Rap Bug".He also cherished when his fellow "MC" cousin visited from North Carolina,they would go back and forth for hours spitting verses and crafting clever punchlines.You couldn't convince them they wouldn't be huge rap stars traveling the world abroad.Those were obviously happier moments in Brody's childhood but sometime things have a unexpected way of changing for the worst.Soon after his intro into the artform the streets quickly became his new passion.The decision to hit the block would prove to be unwise and counterproductive,leading to a life of larceny,drug addiction and eventually imprisonment.While on lockdown Brody reconnected with his "MC" talents,he started writing as a form of “self-therapy” to release frustration and anger,soon discovering he was still quite the lyricist.As a result of his skillful pen game he developed the nick name “Enforcer;” always being called on to do battle with other incarcerated wordsmiths,claiming endless victories.After his release from prison with a renewed outlook on life,Brody hooked up with Producers Wes Hatton and Owen James from Ill Kidz Entertainment who began to produce and shop his material to major labels.Rhyming some ten years now,Brody has developed a rough and rugged style that is quite captivating and sincere.Brody's deep and aggressive tone combined with tracks that evoke a strong emotional cry have resulted in an impressive local fan base.Brody's mission and present focus is to push his music "worldwide",he plans to take listeners on a intense,memorable ride.So buckle your seat belts and hold on,"IT'S BRODY SEASON".

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Hip Hop / Rap / Hardcore Rap

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Philadelphia, PA
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