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Label: Perth Music Label

Born in Bristol , England , Songwriter / Producer Lyndon Rivers made the move to Perth , Western Australia , in 1997 . Lyndon said it's a great place to write songs.

He has been inspired by many bands and artists in his life ,
starting with The Beatles and The Monkees in the 60's , right through to now 2014 by James Blunt and Ronan Keating.

After being fascinated by lyrics when he was 15/16 years old , when he used to write songs ,he had a couple of professional demos done . But never proceeded with writing .

Fast forward to 2010 ,Lyndon felt inspired by something or someone he really does not know exactly , to write songs again .

He joined The Guild of International songwriters , in the UK , where Scamp music did recordings for the members ,and thanks to Colin Eade and his guys at Scamp,Lyndon's songs are here for you to listen to.

Lyndon was signed to a record label in the US , PLG Music Group , for 18 months , but things did not
go to plan . You could say it was wasted time , but Lyndon learnt some valuable lessons , about the music industry

So Lyndon has released a track , as a single , called “ Be Your Lover “ Feat Glen Kirton ,
it was released on Feb 28 2014 , on the JTV Digital Label .
Also released is the track : "Ready For You" Feat Mary Ann Brown , released Oct 7 2014 . On the Perth Music Label .
To be released on Jan 17 2015 is the track : "Unsure" Feat Nika Nova [16 yrs old from Moscow ]On the Perth Music Label .

Released second single Feat Nika Nova called "Gotta Feeling"
On the Perth Music Label .

Recent releases are "Give A Reason Feat Corey Ernie " And "Waiting For you Feat Jamie Newton " Both on the Perth Music Label .
Update : Two more releases , "It Never Seems To Last Feat Felicity Robinson " and " You Got It Produced By Lyndon Rivers "
And now April 23rd , Lyndon's seventh release is "Now That You Are Mine Feat Adam Parker " Adam is from the UK !
A couple of other releases , "You Got It " and "Have You Ever By Lyndon Rivers " produced tracks by Lyndon.
Lyndon is currently concentrating on music producing , latest release "I Wanna Be ! By Lyndon Rivers "
"Feel The Beat " is about to be released , EDM track !!

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