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Skyline Divide, birthed among the melting pot that is Memphis, Tennessee's music scene, started with a simple goal: Making music that embraced diversity and erased the lines their culture placed between Rap, Rock, and Blues music. After 2 years of writing, collaborating, and searching, they have established a lineup that shares that vision and executes it with grace and proficiency. Their debut EP, scheduled for an November release, is a testimony to their skill and dedication.

The group started tracking their debut EP with producer Justin Rimer, guitarist of the nationally-acclaimed 12 Stones. Justin's ear for hit songs has been a huge step in the recording process of Skyline Divide, and having heard a couple of unmixed tracks from the record, I can honestly say that the wait was definitely worthwhile. The band's talent and solidarity pours out of every song, and the best part is they aren't catering to a genre. They are simply doing what they're good at, not paying attention to what the culture is telling them they should fit into, but instead creating a whole new genre that suits their own musical tastes. The EP will be mastered by the Grammy-winning Brad Blackwood at Euphonic Masters and will hit the shelves in November.

Once the EP drops, the band plans to hit the road in the summer of 2013, touring extensively and establishing themselves on a national level. Keep an eye on the band's website for new music, tour announcements, and other general information.

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Band Members
Lee Dillon, Jacques "Jocky Jock" Faulkner, Peyton Favi, Colby Brown, Dustin Allen, Donnie Jones
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Skyline Divide
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Rock / Rap / Blues

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Memphis, TN

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