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Ysan Roche says she has 7 personalities which helped her to invent MFF which represents a new league of artists who write and produce their own music, design their own fashion and direct their own music videos.

In 2011, she launched a new genre of pop music called Black Yellow Pop which was inspired by her first album from 2008 called Brain Artificial Limb’ which was about an obsessive love story and the internal struggle of having both masculine and feminine selves within a feminine body. Ysan then directed her first music video ‘Lost in Land’ with Oak about an oversexualized woman who wanted to consume and possess her lovers.

Through Ysan’s music, fashion and overall identity, she expresses that life is about constant self transformation – that you can take control of your identity and destiny at any time you choose. She believes that people have a right to express themselves however they wish, and that just because you're born a certain way, doesn’t mean you can’t be whoever you want to be. You can always aim higher.

Her music has spread all over the internet, becoming popular in the US, Europe and all around the world. Fans and critics say she is pinned to be the next pop sensation.

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Ysan Roche
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Pop / Electronica / Black Yelllow Pop

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New York, NY

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