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Vallyre Green was born in Boston, Massachusetts. She has had a passion for singing and dancing since her early childhood. While in high school, she enrolled in a modern dance class where she developed her skills immensely, and flourished in crafting unforgettable year end performances. Vallyre took hip hop and street funk classes at the Dance Complex in Cambridge, Massachusetts. In 2002, she performed in Dallas, Texas with the MB Exposition, showcasing her intricate and embellished dance moves. Here, she achieved the award for best dance and best outfit. Vallrye was cast as an extra in the Martin Lawrence film " Rebound" as well as Drew Barrymore's " Fever Pitch.”

In 2006, she began writing her own songs with music producer Kennan Keating. She joined the Eastern Nazarene College choir program to further her singing career. Vallyre began working on her first professional EP with the Skyelab Music Group in New York City under the professional guide of multi-platinum, Grammy award nominated producer Art Shwecky. She also took voice lessons with True Voice NYC. Her influences are Britney Spears, Jennifer Lopez, and Alicia Keys, among many others.

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