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Charity brings Joy: 40% of the revenues will be donated to aid organisations for children in Africa and other places in this world, where humans are suffering of hunger and under-education.
If you’d like to suggest a project that is worth to recieve this donation you can use the comment field in the order form. You should keep in mind that the projects have to fulfil a few requirements. The administration costs should be as low as possible and application of the donations should be transparent. The donations should be used basicly for children and adolescents and the main focus should be on projects that work in Africa. We will keep you informed about the use of the donations on the ÜMF website.

Purchasers of this compilation get the special feature to listen to 4 unreleased songs of Myrddin Triguel’s World of Fyra which will be officially released in 2012.

General Info

Band Members
Anthony McBazooka, Fyra, Aremi Legard, Yannick Journaux feat. Jack Marlow, Project Papoose, Arti Emergency
Artist Name
A.F.A. for Africa
Profile Page
Rock / Electronic / Alternative

Contact Info

Bremen, DE
UeMF music management

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