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I don’t know if I’m going to be any good at this bio thing, but I’ll give it a try. According to my mother, I was singing before I was really talking much. She loves to remind me how I was obsessed with the musical, ‘Showboat’, and was singing those tunes on cue for people at 4 years old. I can still hear myself, “Fish gotta swin, birds gotta fly, I gotta love one man till I die…can’t help lovin dat man of mine…” I’m the youngest of 6 girls (yes, we all sing) and grew up listening to my father play guitar. We were like a real life Von Trap family, singing in harmony around the piano. I guess that’s how my love for music began…

Music is the greatest gift of my life. It brings me peace, a means of expression and lots of joy. I was lucky enough to be introduced to some great music as a child…everything from Carlos Jobim, to Ella Fitzgerald, to the Indigo Girls. Bossa nova, soulful jazz and rich harmonies influenced my musical taste early on.

I grew up with a piano at home and learned from watching my sisters. There was usually one of us always playing, singing and making music of some sort. I learned three chords on guitar and wrote my first song when I was 14. The lyrics were something like, “ Isn’t it just wonderful, take a look at the love that is surrounding you, isn’t it just wonderful…” The tune went on to talk about the trees outside...the sunshine...the beauty of nature. Of course, the next 10 songs I wrote were inspired by my first heart break; expressing the trails and joys of relationships. Writing music continues to be an outlet for me and gives me an opportunity to express my heart, grapple with feelings and connect to the world. Whether I'm grooving along to, or making music of my own, I am in my happiest place.

I’ve always been singing but within the last few years finally got brave enough to share my music and gather some friends together to form my band. College friend Meredith Foreman, has been with me from the beginning of this adventure. She is super talented and rocks out on drums, saxophone, flute & vocals. My guitarist Raul Huaman, is a MSU alum as well and brings a Jazz and Peruvian influence to the music. Brad Schwartzeid joined us on bass and has been an awesome addition to our group. I am blessed to be playing with these beautiful, talented musicians.
In March 12’ I recorded and released my debut single, ‘Needed More’ which can be purchased on iTunes. Then in April, I ventured to Dallas, TX where I recorded my first EP at my Uncle’s studio. Michaela McClain, ‘The Dallas Sessions’ features 7 original songs. While developing our live show and playing out each month, I was also recording in NYC with my band and released my second EP, ‘The Manhattan Sessions’ in December 12’ featuring 4 original tunes. All of my original music can be purchased on iTunes.

In 2013, I released my first music video, “Cold Hearts” & my first live-in studio video of my original song, “Special Kind of Love”. Both can be viewed on youtube.

In 2014, I will release two new EP’s and a live studio DVD & CD which will be recorded March 29, 2014 at “Blue Light Studios” in Mt. Holly NJ. I can’t WAIT to share new material with you guys. Stay tuned!

I’ve been teaching private music lessons for the last 9 years and have been teaching general music (think drums, xylophones and singing!) in a wonderful private school for the last 6 years. I love working with children and the opportunity it gives me to make my own music on the side, as I perform out regularly. The response from audiences so far has been very encouraging and humbling. I’m excited and ready for wherever this adventure may lead!
Thanks for reading a little bit about me… 
Have a happy!

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Michaela McClain, Meredith Foreman, Raul Huaman, Brad Schwartzseid
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Michaela McClain
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Singer Songwriter / Folk Rock / Neo Soul

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Madison, NJ

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