DAMAGED GOODZ is a Rock band with a PUNK attitude hailing from Central Florida.

HISTORY - DAMAGED GOODZ began as an idea to return to the visceral side of music making. Not hiding behind a façade, no egos, no arrogance, just three musicians trying to connect with an audience, what you see is what you get. As we try to create the bridge to find what is so lacking in music today, the rapport between musicians and the masses, NOT hiding behind wardrobe or theatrics, but providing a show for the people to get lost in the love of making and hearing music for worldwide consumption.
It all began in 2002, when James Messing, a prominent drummer in the Orlando music scene with the concept band “the Pause”, noticed a void in the music scene, a calling for a band to connect with an audience in a live setting and not getting lost in artificial studio techniques or computerized music, but rather guitar based riffs with thunderous drums and bass guitar and an angst-driven, yet melodic vocal. It was even an initiative of the recording projects to record on tape [2” 24 track Ampex machine] and an SSL mixing console to emulate the rich tones of the visceral instruments/vibe of the band. Having recorded two full length CD’s in 2005 and 2008, a search was on to find the members who could provide the proper foundation to perform the songs James had recorded, and played a majority of the instruments on the recordings.
In 2012, after having various members of the band, James met Ricardo “Rico” Melendez(formerly of Sol D’ Menta, Dearest Azazel & Luna Dementia) and a friendship was forged with a common pursuit and vision for the band. Rico would perform the driving drums that were required for the band with James taking on the guitar and vocal responsibilities. In May of 2014, Rico introduced James to Rob Montalvo who would become the Bassist for the band. Due to Rico's departure from the band, DAMAGED GOODZ called Stu Brubaker(the original drummer) to re-join the band. The synergy established with the aforementioned personnel appointments now in place, DAMAGED GOODZ would focus on bringing the music to the people. Having performed at various venues across Central Florida, the band has become a tight-knit, energy-driven live act for audiences locally with the intention of spreading out on a national basis and even beyond. The stage is set, the audience yearning, the band in harmony, to bring DAMAGED GOODZ to the people. Making music spawned from a passion for good music, the chemistry of the band, the connection to our FANS, all for the link and camaraderie not often found in today’s market, a reminder of a better time, when FANS could get lost for a show that connects.
DAMAGED GOODZ is looking for a recording/management contract to produce its upcoming EP/full length CD and supporting tour, but have the intention, one way or another, to carry on the vision of the band through independent channels as they have done in the past. Already having produced (2)two independent CD’s, and booking local/regional shows in the current months, the band has built a strong following of about 16,000 FANS on various social platforms:

DAMAGED GOODZ (members): James Messing(Guitar/Vocals/songwriter), Stu Brubaker (Drums, backing vocals)and Rob Montalvo(Bass).

“We are all DAMAGED GOODZ, but the imperfections are what make us beautiful”(James Messing)

DAMAGED GOODZ was just featured on ‘Punk Kills, Volume #17’ on 272 records – re-mastered version of “Nowhere Quick”, and have been recently contacted about being in regular rotation of numerous radio/web stations, as well as booked in October through December at venues across Central Florida.

Discography :
Return to Sender - CD
Language Removal Service - CD …
Punk Kills #17 - featured on compilation
The Class of Damaged and Roughly-used - EP(coming in 2015)

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James Messing - Guitar/vocals, Rob Montalvo - Bass, Stu Brubaker - Drums/Crowd Taunting
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Orlando, FL

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