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It's 2016, so you know what time it is!
It's time for some new music! "Stay Tuned."

I'm doing me, just get used to it!
#ChylzVargoMusic [ 8/28/15 ]

"Chylz" Is pronounced chills.
I've had some real rough experiences in the past and have seen and done things way beyond a normal person's imagination would ever think of!!!
So well I wanted to express how I feel through rapping and having fun with the music.
This music and I are inseparable!!!
I've been writing for 5 years and been rapping for almost 4 years now.
Music has been around me all my life, it runs through my blood.
I'm sure I have a lot of haters but I could really care less because, i'm just doing what I do the best!
I got the name "Chylz" from my first partner "Grimm-Nasty".
We chose the name because, that's how I liked to rap all chilled out and twisted.
After a while I stopped working with him and threw a different taste and spice into the way I rap.
However now i'm back with that crazy wicked shit!
I knew I couldn't stay away from it forever!
Yes, you can still say i'm underground but your damn right, i'm proud of it!!!
I'm working on getting out there more and more as we speak and I won't give up on that!
If you really want to know the truth honestly?, I don't want to be famous but I want to be more exposed in the underground if you understand what I mean!
I always put 100% work ethic and everything into my music!!!
Lately I have been working really hard on this new material!
So keep your eyes open!
I'll be releasing my First "E.P.", "Mixtape", Or "Debut Album" later this summer of "2013"!!!
If not released by this summer, it will be surely released sometime next year "2014"!!!
It's always going to be really raw and sick!
Well by chance if you want to know anymore about me then just hit me up with a message.


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