The truth is how I stay real, the lie is how I stay alive. I have accepted the truth that I live in the system of one nessesity for all, to survive. Dady was a jazz man mom was a dancer in the same club around south Philly.
My father was found dead when I was one, morphine I believe, was his favorite drug. My mom was killed when I was ten Driving to work. I was sent to my granmoms in Camden NJ, a town named Farview.
I learned how to live with an older brother that was sycitsafranic, learned how to steal from the neighbors hood kids. Found the one and only way to feel, it was and is music that seduces me, gives , teaches, makes me Real…
Spent my youth in prisons and like an actor with a role I was a junky wondering the fields, excessively , on the edge in every choice. When I had the prison walls I learned to read and
Found the other love I could not be with out , infact I believe they are better served when together. Reading took me to empathy for others. Brought reflection towards my past wrongs towards myself and people I took from.
When I began my first concerts it was a completely jump in leap years . Seeing Bon Scot and Angus Young , and many others at the spectrum in Philadelpea . My first time I was overdosing on some PCP I took in the arm, doing Cheep tricks and fog hats tour.
I always remember the sick feelings I had when I was in the audiences of some nameless bands. Knowing I was born to sing my song, and somehow it all went wrong , a junky a struggler who barely, only, was lucky when it came to surviving .
I never wrote a lyric or a chord down, when I bring the song together it is in a state of constant desire to evolve. I found know song I write nothing down, repeating and building is all I can do . I as an Alchemist, or better a seer, feels a stir or maybe a innate whisper, and I make my path or desertion as Jung believed, in synchronization, or as my heritage would say sighns from the Father and the Mother, Greeks had oricles.
I am just learning to be an observer, and a choice maker, and a creator of my own destiny. I have one true desire and vision and truth I follow one law, to live my destiny’s intention, before the world was born.

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Funky Leroy Harper Skidskisnick, Sam Bryant, Terry Nash, JKLofton
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Blues / FUNKY / Jazz

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Freedom, CA