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Depth. Authenticity. Warm production values. Americana-ish-folkie-tinged pop-flavored sometimes retro with ambient lyrical sprinkles, and the expected singer-songwriter angst and introspection. For other artists, your future favorite movie or TV program, or your listening enjoyment right now. Vincent has performed with bands and artists in the Philadelphia and New York City area, but is currently focused on writing and producing in-studio for the industry.

"3AM Nothing New" copyright 2011 Vincent Schiela
"Don't Take It Away" copyright 1992, 2012 Vincent Schiela
"3 Step Answer" copyright 2012 Vincent Schiela
"Sail With the Wind" copyright 2013 Vincent Schiela
"Hey Josephine" copyright 2013 Vincent Schiela
"If Hearts Broke Like Clouds" copyright 2009 Vincent Schiela
"Sugartown Road" copyright 2010 Vincent Schiela
"More Than I Can Get Myself To Say" copyright 2013 Vincent Schiela
"That Car I Drive" copyright 2014 Vincent Schiela
"Closing Night" copyright 1994 Vincent Schiela
"Just a Lullaby" copyright 2014 Vincent Schiela
"No More Pretending" copyright 1995 Vincent Schiela
"I'll Drive" copyright 2015 Vincent Schiela

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Vincent Schiela, performance, writing, production
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Vincent Schiela
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West Chester, PA