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Gareth was born in Sale, Greater Manchester, England. Not really having a clue what to do with his life, one night he wondered over to his cousins house who lived on the same estate as Gareth, His cousin played a song on his Tape player called "Wonderwall" By a band called "Oasis". This had an instant effect on Gareth and shortly after a friend would give him an acoustic guitar which he began teaching him self on at about 15 . At 16 he began to learn the basics on Piano for a year from a friends uncle. His granparents bought him a very old and worn out piano for £50 which he says "I had to play it in tune...some of the keys didn't work but it made a sound and that was good enough" He would then spend 2 years studying a Music Tech course at City College Manchester. After Studying Music Tech Gareth decided to start learning Classical piano seriously. Over the next few years he messed around in a few bands and gigged as a solo artist whilst struggling to to play the piano a few hours a night after work at his grandparents house..Gareth laughs "I always knew when the TV soaps were on..I could hear my Gran shout in an Irish accent" .."Not That fecking noise again" . He embarked on recording a 5 track demo in SSL studios Watford with Producer Hill Briggs. One track "Arietta" was later signed to publishing label White glove music in the USA. The same track was released on a compilation album via Chromium Records, Things became quiet for the next 2 years on the recording side although he continued to gig as a solo artist..Life was looking a bit grim and as he puts it " I was heading down the wrong path and didn't really have much hope", untll a brush in with a hare Krishna which he met in the street. He then spent the next year with the hare krishnas and at one point had a choice to go to live in a Temple in New Zealand or stay in England and concentrate on his music..He chose to stay in England and recorded lots more material in his home studio whilst producing his first album "Thinking out loud" which he managed to sell a few hundred copies of in Japan. The album gained interest from some USA Publishers. He then appeared on Radio stations and in local news papers. He would then make a move to Bolton to a house with a cellar and only neighbours on one side which suited Gareth as he was able to build a make shift studio and be a "little bit louder" . However his solo career would take a brake for a while, and he would spend 2007 to 2008 in a 3 piece band called "Audio Jack" as the lead guitarist and lead vocalist. The band folded which led to him to go back to work on his solo career. In 2008 he recorded his first studio or "Proper" album as he puts it, entitled "Moving in Circles" which was Recorded at Astar studios , Manchester. The drums were played by Simon Moore who Played Drums on Ian Browns last few albums and photography by Karen McBride who has working with the likes of Oasis, Robbie Williams and the The Ting Tings. The end of 2009 would see Gareth changing his stance from acoustic based music to electronic music and also starting his career in acting. He would record and producing his now third album Electronic Album entitled "The Electronic Era" which covers a variety of different "Electronic" styles of music from Dance to Drum n Bass, although Gareth now sees this album as more of a "learning curve" and soon realised electronic music production had come on a long way since his days at college. in 2010 he would manage to get to the regional finals of the UK Open Mic competition as well as writing some electronic music for Film Director/writer Joe Obyrne . In Summer 2011 Gareth would have a brief stint in Cyprus working as an entertainer playing covers..but... this "wasn't for him" and he was eager to get back recording/producing a new album. After 10 days in Cyprus he arrived back in Bolton and then spent the next 6 months living a poor man and recording a new album whilst also learning the finer details of music production and jumping to a new level. In 2012 Gareth would release two singles "Wrong side of town" and "Undercover" shortly followed by the album "Everything Relative" consisting from music styles ranging from psychedelic pop to drum and bass. This would lead on to him gaining a publishing contract with EDA Music and a then South American Record label "Ed Moon Records" releasing a compilation album of his digitaly. To 2012-2014 would see a mass of Solo gigs around UK and even Europe, Another publishing contract was signed with Gulliver's Music for some material. At the end of 2014 Gareth's acting career stuck a step forward by him getting his first lines on TV for CBBC program. He would also form a new Rock Band "Nowhere North" as the lead singer, a part which he relished being the front man. Add a couple of heartbreaks in the mix and Gareth would write some of his best material to date returning to his acoustic routes and releasing a couple of singles through 2013/2014. With a new album planned soon which is already shaping up to be Gareth's best and most soulful work yet.

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