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Pulp Monster is an alt-rock band in Neenah, WI, playing music that is one part noir and the other part hard-boiled. The songs reflect the vintage pulp fiction narratives - dark and shadowy at times with the promise of advancing like a bust in the chops. Simply said, Pulp Monster might be your kinda band if you feel the need to stir up trouble on the side.

Several of the Pulp Monster songs pay homage to the early pulp detective stories of authors like Dashiell Hammett, Caroll John Daly, Frank Gruber and Raymond Chandler. Daly's "Three Gun Terry" character was the subject of an early Pulp Monster song. Fans of the pulp genre will enjoy songs like "Three Gun Terry", "Killer in the Rain" (inspired by a Raymond Chandler story of the same name) and "Punch in the Face". PITF was inspired by radio plays of the 1940s and 50s, which took fast action and sarcastic commentary to a comical level. From PITF: "Mr. Junior Executive in his sport jacket, with a mustache so thin it could slice cheese. The dirty rat's nosing in on my action, he says 'excuse me if you please'. He's handing my girl some line, like something out of an English ballad; all the time puffing on a pipe, smelling like a fruit salad." Pulp Monster plays ONLY original material, blending the diverse musical interests of the band members.

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Band Members
Jason Hauboldt (guitars), Jody Vanesky (harmonica+vox), Chris Backus (bass guitar+vox), David Will (drums+vox)
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Pulp Monster
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Alternative / Rock / Experimental

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Neenah, WI

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