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This is the space where we are supposed to write how meticulous and awesome we are and how with one listen you will lose all faculties and devote your life to The BBC because our sound once you hear it, is exactly what you have been missing all your life and our lyrics…well our lyrics pierces holes in young girls hearts.
But the truth is we are sloppy, misguided and not all that serious we are not even good looking! (Except for that weekend back in 1989) we are just 3 guys playing rock the way we would like to hear it.
With influences and roots going deep into the great groups of the 60’s adding great catchy melodies, crunchy guitars, thumping bass, crazy drums and there you have it, if you like it: enjoy it if not. Move it!

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Sergio Marin, Frank Corbo, Pep Reboira
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BBC. (Boom Boom Crash)
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Westchester, NY

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