The Betty Ford Falcons / Bio

"That voice should sing all your radio-friendly songs . . . reminds me of a young Alice Cooper. Let's rock!"
- Kim Fowley, Little Steven's Underground Garage .. ..

"Kind of like a cool version of an 80's rock band that supersedes its era by exploring and reprising the songs and sounds of punk, garage, grunge, and metal, with shoutouts to artists which might include Billy Squire, Pixies, Sex Pistols, and Ozzy. The lead singer belted out swell vocals somewhere between Bon Scott, Ian McKaye, and the masters of butt rock."
- Milkcrate

"A garagoid fastball coming straight out of the Rain City."
- Sonic Netscape

"Trash-Rock Charlatans! The Falcons are keeping rock alive with brutal CPR in Seattle."
- Street Smarts"

Recently voted "Best Unsigned Band" by The Metal Head Show (U.K.). .. "Think Guns & Roses & Motorhead, and you have The Falcons... The most refreshing hard rock band EVER".
- D.J. Metalhead

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Band Members
David Eronemo, Brian Trinen, Mark Fiebig, Don Currie
Artist Name
The Betty Ford Falcons
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Rock / Garage / Punk

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Seattle, WA