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*OFFICIAL* Singer/Rapper. If you're looking for that sweet girl next door on the mic, you won't find her here. In a genre that is nearly all male dominated, there are few female emcee's that break the stigma of the lyrically friendly, sexually motivated motif's. Razakel not only breaks the stigma, but completely Destroys it.
SKR's Razakel, hailing from Albuquerque, New Mexico. Writer, rapper, singer and a force to be reckoned with live on stage. Pure, unfiltered, aggressive lyrics, with a loyal fan base behind her.


From the bowels of hell and back, Serial Killin Records takes you on a ride you’ll never forget. Founded in 2005, Serial Killin Records (SKR) had professionally mastered, replicated, released and distributed their own music.

Digitally, they are on the top digital store fronts in the business where their music is continuously purchased by people that love this type of music.

The music ranges from Horror Rap with touches of Industrial & Heavy Metal to whatever they feel gets their message across. They’ve played all over the United States for the last 5 years followed up by a full line of merchandise that promotes their image and music all over the world. There are 8 members of this hard core group with every one of them delivering a shrieking out of the box show that brings their point across loud and clear. Members are:

SickTanicK - Owner / Producer / Executive Producer
Two Clipz - Artist
Razakel - Artist & Graphic Designer
Stitch Mouth - Artist & Co-Producer

When you listen to them live or on record, you can feel the ground tremble under your feet with a force from beneath the earth. Live, The crowds scream, and the beat grabs you and envelopes you into its very core. The sometimes distorted deep almost demonic vocals and raps bring you into a zone where you have never been to before. It is a zone of pure exhilaration. Then the changes begin. You are in the presence of Serial Killin Records.

SKR Record sales have produced thousands of record sales internationally and continues to grow every day. They do this on their own, without any major distribution channel’s assistance.

SKR also holds Pro Pressed Products in The United States of America, Germany, Latvia, Israel, Holland, Finland, North Ireland, France, The Netherlands and The United Kingdom.

They have performed live many different cities in New Mexico, Michigan, Nebraska, Indiana, Colorado, Washington State, Texas, Arizona, Tennessee, California and others.
SKR Artists have Performed Live / Have been Booked with shows Featuring National & Internationally Recognized Headliner Acts.

SKR Artists Have Been Featured In The Following Publications / Magazines :

Maxim Magazine, Fangoria Magazine, Horrorhound Magazine, Murderzine by Serial Killers Ink, Blazin Hip Hop (Hungarian), The Washington Post, The Albuquerque Tribune, Culture Asylum Magazine,
B-Z Online, Radio Ugly Artist Showcase, Graveside Studios

This is not a run of the mill group. They are pure professionals with a focused drive to get your engines roaring. Their lyrics are horror based with a in-your-face delivery with is absolutely thrilling to listen to. Every album has their own agenda, every album has a very diverse feel to it and every member gives a little bit of their soul with every note they write. Beautifully arranged, recorded and delivered all for your entertainment.

Serial Killin Records is currently working with A & R Select based in Hollywood, Ca. for licensing, publishing, a record deal and/or placement opportunities. You can reach them at:


Or contact Directly : killmusickstore@Hotmail.com

You can keep up with SKR’s antics, venues, new music and new merchandise by logging onto the following websites:

Official Website : www.skrwillrise.com
Myspace : www.myspace.com/skrecords
Twitter : www.twitter.com/skrwillrise666

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Razakel - Artist - Graphic Design SKR
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Hip Hop / Wickedshit / Horrorcore

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Ogden, UT