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Severe Metastasis started way back 2007 which was conceptualized by the one and only member Jose Godofredo Tuliao. The band was created after the two man band “Soulcusher” was never materialized in the earlier years. Severe Metastasis started utilizing death metal sounds. Severe Metastasis utilizes the use of electronics music and drum machine. The first materials were released under Anura Records. Anura records artists, Bogrit also join in hands with Severe Metastasis released the first split entitled “Putrid Lacerated Limbs (2008)” under Going Postal records and officially distributed by Sevared Records.
Severe Metastasis came back to the scene and released an EP under Anura Records entitled “Anino sa Karimlan (2009)” .This is eventually one of the best materials recorded by the band.
“Stench of Rotten Flesh (EP – 2009)”, was released under TornFlesh records, one of the biggest names in digital netlabels. The release has around thousands of downloads on its initial release.

The second demo from the band was released under the banner of BeyondGrave Records which was entitled “Grim End of Human Race (Demo - 2010)”, it’s a three song demo showcasing the sheer brutality of the band in raw form.
Severe Metastasis join forces with several brutal and goregrind bands in the released of 2010’s Grotesque Display of Mutilations (Split - 2010) featuring songs from NO ONE GETS OUT ALIVE, FLEISCHWALD, GORE OBSESSED, GOREPOT which was distributed by Sevared Records.

Lycanthropic Bestial Butchery (Split – 2010) with Monkey Eating Flesh which was released by several underground labels.
Tales of Cadaveric Dismemberments (CD – 2011) Full length was released under Canadian Mulligore records and several other record labels.
Severe Metastasis is preparing for new materials which will out any time this year.

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Band Members
Jose Godofredo Tuliao - Multi-Instrumentalist
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Severe Metastasis
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Metal / gore grind,cyber gore, experimental,rock and roll, / brutal death,death metal, noise,computer music

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Baguio City, PH

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