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Q: Why do you call yourselves the Dead Horses?

A: ..."we were actually mountain camping in Alaska and a huge storm hit. We ran out of all our food, water, everything, we were freezing. We had to hike out of there. As we were hiking across the plain there was a gorgeous white horse just out in the field. It was like, is that a mirage? What is that? What could it be? No, it was a horse. So, I took out my knife and I slaughtered it right there and we crawled inside of its carcass and there we sat. We survived the storm and as a homage we call ourselves DEAD HORSES and sometimes when we play live I feel the horse channeling through me.....or it's because our other bands failed and we felt like we were resurrecting a dead horse." - Sailor Lane

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Sailor Lane, Jane Strummer, Dahlia Deathstrike
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Dead Horses
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Rock / Punk / Garage

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Sacramento, CA