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Its hard to write a cool band bio but not for Easy Mash!!!! I sailed across the Pacific looking for the right performers from every stretch of the globe. Deep in Atlantis I summoned a fierce Aqua Squid to provide a solid drummer who could lay down the drop Like Horsemouth in Rockers........ He then gave birth to Cooper Dressler, or as a shaman once named him- (Fire Hands) After totally covering every inch of the underworld I sent a monkey into space hoping he would bring me back the ultimate bass player. After the monkey died from opening his spacesuit, I realized I had to take this quest into my own hands. I landed myself on an isolated planet in the digishpere, having to reverse time- twice. The planet was completed empty except for the sound of an old record player humming a distant yet familiar song. I made way closer to the intriguing vibration and saw well.... another human being who was in search of the original human DNA blueprint. He had crashed landed with an endless supply of oxygen, a bass, and an old record player with only classic roots reggae albums. His name Is Will Grey and lets just say he spent years in nomadic isolation sending epic sound waves to the magnetosphere. The trinity was created but a heptagon was forming. After performing as a three piece band in many galaxies and gaining universal fame Easy Mash decided to return home to Earth. Back in Santa Cruz California where Easy Mash now resides I met a young man by the Name of B-Easy, while working in the studio with (Dids) formerly known as (Diddy), formerly known as (P Diddy), formerly known as (Puffy), formerly known as (Puff Daddy) and soon to be known as (Di). With quickness like a ninja and vocal precision sharp enough to pierce the blade of a blade, B-Easy joined the team making us one step closer to being complete. Not only did we join forces with B-Easy but we also gained one of his same blood line the great Kendis. A man of mystic talent with strong and graceful tone. Even the origin of the name Kendis is a mystery to the world dictionary. One can only assume it means something. Now having six in the band we grew strong and consumed every venue we jammed at thus far. Turning down three major record label deals because no one could fund an intergalactic tour (except for the Beastie Boys..) Easy Mash decided to keep on playing and one day came across a fair maiden while deep in the forest in Bonny Doon. The whole band was mediating at the moon rocks gaining Jah wisdom when they saw a young lady named Kelsy doing Qui Gong facing the east. She sang to the sun as she moved through her energy stream and it brought tears to young B-Easy... After making fun of him for crying we asked Kelsy if she wanted to join the group, now almost completely complete. I was in line getting a burrito and I noticed a familiar head in front of me. It was Carson a long ally and former "lead axe" in Old Harbour Bay. I spoke to him of our Band and he quickly and calmly decided to join the mash. And that was how Carson joined, fate in the love of Mexican food. In the present Easy Mash is writing music everyday and having a blast bringing positive energy to each show we play. My journey has turned into our journey and the road is with open. (suck it if you dont like our bio) and God Bless.

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Luke, Lucas, Will, B-Easy, Kendis, Kelsy, Coouuper, Carson.
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Easy Mash
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Reggae / Hip Hop / R&B

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Santa Cruz, CA