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Singer, songstress, dancer, actress, sound engineer and aspiring model, Lynn Rose, Delaware's rising star, is taking the entertainment industry by surprise!

Born in Chester, Pennsylvania, and raised in New Castle, Delaware, Lynn Rose has always been surrounded by the love of God and her large, musically talented, family. As the baby of the family, commanding attention is something Lynn Rose has done since the day she was born. Noticing her talent and passion for entertainment, Lynn Rose’s mother and best friend suggested that she audition for a Performing Arts Junior and Senior High school named after Jazz Performer Cab Calloway. The concept was a new one for the area, but the 3-year-old school was rapidly growing in popularity as well as reputation. With limited space and many interested students, 11-year-old Lynn Rose was put on a waiting list after her Junior High entrance audition. Not surprisingly, as God laid out his destiny for this talented young girl, Lynn Rose was accepted to Cab Calloway as a Vocal major just before the start of the school year.

Lynn Rose thrived at Cab Calloway, and, in addition to successfully auditioning for the Senior High School, she actively played roles in 7 musicals (2 leads), 3 chorus ensembles, and 2 traveling jazz groups. Her achievements include 2 all-state chorus medals, and being chosen as an aide to the middle school vocal director. Lynn Rose also pursued her passion outside of school. Two of her favorite activities were singing for the elderly and in the church youth choir, Heaven Sent, that she co-founded and directed. Recalling those fond church memories, Lynn Rose shares some of her early struggle with life itself, “When I came in this world I needed breath support- I don’t know what the medical term is, but my mom and dad say I couldn’t even cry at first, but my family prayed to the Lord for me, and it was He who gave me this voice, and it is He who will decide what I should do with it!”

After successfully completing high school, Lynn Rose attended college in Detroit, Michigan as a Recording Technology major. The only female in all but one of her classes, she worked hard to compete and finished her sophomore year with a 3.6 GPA. Being in Detroit also opened the door to other contacts, friends, and partnerships in the entertainment industry. Her first recording experience happened here, and, taking away not only the production experience, but a valuable lesson in recording rights, Lynn Rose returned to Delaware (rights intact!), a little bruised, but much the wiser. After transitioning to a Business major at Wilmington University, Lynn Rose worked with Delaware’s own Traknologist as his apprentice in a local recording studio. During her tenure there, Lynn Rose had the privilege of working extensively with many local talented rappers (Free Agents, M.O.E., Esco , Shizz Nitty) singers, DJs (DJ Mega Skills, DJ Amaze), and rising producers ( DJ Focus, Trak, Sap). Starting as an engineer, she was soon invited to lend her in-studio voice and writing talent to a few of the productions. One of the highlights during this time was working with then rising star Nicki Minaj and contributing to a reference track for songwriters Osby and Brame.

Armed with proven successes, Lynn Rose decided that it was time to step out of the background. She reached out to her uncle, producer Sammy Spade (aka Wiz Cobb) producer extraordinaire to Kevin Michael and 2-time Grammy nominated artist, Stephanie Petronelli. Wiz is currently assisting with the production of Lynn Rose's breakout project - Blind Ambition.

Excited to see what the future holds, Lynn Rose would like to thank you for your support and invites you to join her on her journey to destiny!

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LynnRose - Vocals, Duane "DLucks" Cobb, Akeem Lee, Sam "Wiz" Cobb - Vocals/songwriting
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Lynn Rose
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Singer Songwriter / Pop / R&B/Soul

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New Castle, DE