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SawGrass is a current project for members Jorge Cristian López Miranda, Tommy Buckley, Natan Camhi aka Napalm and Todd Ewing. No strangers to each other, the members of SawGrass have a mutual respect for the music they love as well the music they create. Each member spent many years in support of the South Florida "Underground" Metal Community that many remember and still serve to this day.

A S...awGrass vision was to have a guest lead solo artist take part on each song enableing them to showcase their respect for the journey. For the 1st single "Engulfed" SawGrass contacted Dennis Munoz long time friend and well respected musician whom hails from the bands Solstice and Anger, two bands that had a great impact on our own journey through metal. As you can hear Dennis did an amazing job on his part with "Engulfed".

Sometimes a vision to one path may lead to another in the case of the lead guitar addittion to SawGrass. Long time friend "Napalm" joined the ranks through an unexpected jam session that really opened up some great vibes and tones that fell right into the SawGrass fire. The idea of adding Napalm to the roster was a no brainer as the music and feel for it's realms are the path we all have chosen to take.

Within these recording's SawGrass will unleash nothing less than 100% of their passion and devotion to their craft. In the days and months ahead SawGrass looks forward to sharing their journey with each and all.

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Band Members
Bass Guitar-Tommy Buckley*** Drums-Jorge Cristian López Miranda***Guitar&Vocals-Todd Ewing "BT"***Lead Guitar-Napalm
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Metal / Death Metal / Grinding Doom

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Dunnellon, FL