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Were the hard rocking master race sent from earth to outer space to make you watch us masturbate will put you in your place and smash your fuckin’ face, that’s right up all nite.
Rawdogs are a rock and roll band with a metal and a punk-side combined to keep you on your toes. We bring the party to every show, no matter what. We sound like Kiss, Motor Head, Venom, Turbonegro, Zeke, AC/DC, and Nashville Pussy. We have put out an EP Called "Up All Nite" and an album called "Never Say Die" We have a featured song "Fite Tonite". This song has a music video on youtube that we put out march 2011. Were here to put the speed back in rock that’s why were apart of Motor City Speed Rock. We are a four Piece: Kyle Davis, Dean Karas, Louie Badalament, Rob Barker.

Kyle Davis is currently apart of detroits own Against The Grain and The Kyle Davis Group. He writes the wriffin’ rock licks and slaps down the sick vocal lines. He is the front man of this project, then again, who else could be? Without this maniac the band would just be three guys from Michigan. Kyle started the band with songs like 'Up All Nite' and 'Fite Tonite' and continues the growth with everyone’s favorite 'Talking To The Girls In The Nite.' Kyle loves his music and is ready to bring this group to the top.

Louie Badalament also a member of Axe Ripper And The Kyle Davis Group, This drummer is the support and backbone of the band. Please don’t hesitate to listen to the drum styling’s of this fuckin' guy.You haven’t seen a faster drummer since Mike Mangini. When Louie breaks loose you better hold on to your britches bitch because you'll fall and smash your face. Thrashin’ and trashin’ with a passion. Fuck! Also adding deathly back-vocals to this sexy super-group. Louie’s crust-and-roll background brings the dirt to the table that Rawdogs are all about. Do you like to shower? Because we fuckin’ don’t, Asshole!

Dean Karas is the badass of your dreams. Backing Kyle on our face melting harmonies, and crunching out some bad ass rhythm guitar, he will tell you to shut the fuck up even if you didn’t say a thing. You cross this beast and you may as well be dead. He fuckin' hates you. He ran over a guy with his car because the guy smiled at him. Rawdogs gets its sense of hatred from this badass motherfucker. Do You Like Piss Fuck Face?

Rob Barker named last but certainly not least. The newest member of Rawdogs, Rob certainly fits the image and the sound. Also playing thrashing basslines for "Axe Ripper" Barker goes to town on his bass for Rawdogs. Weather it be practice, a show, or just jamming, Rob never fails to rape the bass and turn our songs into low end monsters. Have you seen that guy's bass rig?!

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Rob Barker, Kyle Davis, Dean Karas, Louie Badalament
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Rock / Punk Rock / Metal

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Detroit, MI

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