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World Wide Pocket (W.W.P.) is a project lead and created by the collaboration of Former Psychedelic Rocker & Producer "Been Lookin", & Legendary Underground Composer "Wise William". The idea for the project is many years in the making, the premise is to freely explore the harmonic, textures and sonic interplay that is capable when all of the members of any given track are hand picked and offered total freedom of expression. Their mission as such is focused on the possibility, of enlightenment that is offered with the movement of sound and it's ability to quiet the mental chatter that can so frequently dominates the everyday mind.
Currently W.W.P. is existing as a studio band as well as a touring act. When touring they will perform as a 5 or 6 piece, two man band, employing loops & samples, of live instruments and prerecorded compositions, to create the level of continuous ambient drone and layering they feel is needed, for any truly mind expanding experience. Of course they are also know to bring a band with them as a way to extend the possibilities of on stage interplay and expressions. In addition they use mind blowing special effects to help facilitate the audience into an ego free space of pure experience and sensation.

Been Lookin - Has been playing drums sense fourth grade, and has been in the touring music world for about ten years. While living in Northampton, MA. he was the lead singer and guitarist with underground psychedelic band "L.S.Z". Then while Living in Woodstock, N.Y. Was the Drummer/singer/guitarist (depending on which night and what song) with Psychedelic and avant garde bands such as "Venture Lift" "The Alchemy Unit" & "The Plush Crustaceans". In addition he has worked and does work as a producer of and sound engineer for many up and coming artist, also as a producer and composer for movie soundtracks, Music Libraries, and video games.

Wise William - Is a self taught underground composer, (quite legendary and prolific in the surrounding New York City area) has performed as a percussionist in the hippie rock/reggae band "Hydroshine ". In addition he has been working as a movie score, and DJ's sample and loop producer for the last 6 years. Most of his work has been released under aliases as a way to continue his anonymity. (Only now with the encouragement of Been and the sea of psychedelic special effects he is willing to come out into the light and personally share his immense vision with the world)

W.W.P. - Is currently residing in and creating from a home based studio in Wendell MA. For further info on the band, to set up shows, to book studio time, set up collaborations, and to generally find out all things W.W.P. Please visit the following websites: www.penumbricstudios.com , www.worldwidepocket.com , www.onesheet.com/BeenLookin
or email us @ penumbricstudios@yahoo.com

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- Been Lookin' - Wise William
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World Wide Pocket
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Experimental / Downtempo, ambient, experimental, psychedelic, pop / Psy Trance

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Wendell, MA
Trinity Love

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