Toward the end of April of 2011, Justin Holcomb and Bobby C. first came together to talk, jam, and then
decided to pursue finding a guitarist. A few guitarists were auditioned, but no one seemed to “have it.”
Justin put a few ads up online, which lead them to finding Shane Powell. Shane came to a first audition,
and then returned a second time when it was discovered that he had what was being looked for. The trio
jammed together more and soon the first song, “Ready 2 Go,” was born.

After a few months, a full set list was formed and a piece of paper was nailed to the side of Justin’s man
cave with a list of band name ideas. After about twenty or so, the group decided to go with Fall 2 Rize. The
first debut of Fall 2 Rize was during the late summer of 2011 at the Boobie Trap bar in Topeka, Kansas
without a bassist.

After the live debut, when the group decided to continue performing, ads were posted for a bass player.
Auditions were performed for a few bassists, but there was no luck finding one that fit the groove of the
band. “It got so bad that I put a sign at the corner of my house saying, ‘Bass Player Auditions’ with an
arrow pointing toward my house every band practice,” Justin recalls.

Eventually, Justin ran into a bass player that he knew and talked to him about being a fill-in for an
upcoming battle in Lawrence, Kansas. After the show, the bass player was a no-call no-show and the band
continued searching for a bass player. Towards the end of the year, Justin answered an ad that he found
online and BOOM was found. He appeared at the next practice with a brand new bass and he auditioned.
At first, there was some doubt, but the band called BOOM in for a second audition. BOOM arrived, ready,
with a new bass cab and the mindset that the band was looking for. The band took BOOM on for his first
show, and it was then that BOOM became an official member of the band.

The band continued performing in Topeka as well as in surrounding cities, and after a great deal of
consideration Bobby C. seemed to be losing the dedication and mindset that the he originally had. Bobby
mutually departed from the band without bad blood, and he continued to help the band any way he can.

Fall 2 Rize had a major battle coming up in January of 2012, and the band needed a drummer. Justin looked
online and found an ad of a drummer looking for a band. Justin sent the drummer and email and soon,
Justin and Shane met up with Joe at his house to audition. The first impression and sound was that Joe
had “it.” Joe was excited about meeting the band and was enthused to begin working with them. The band
got Joe up to speed for the battle that was closing in, and soon it was time for the showdown.

Fall 2 Rize performed the battle with their new drummer, who hadn’t performed live in over five years, and
they won! Joe was then consumed into the band. Fall 2 Rize continued to entertain crowds across Northeast
Kansas and is also working hard to expand their reach online and offline.

In the month of March, 2012, Fall 2 Rize changed the name to Ewreckening. On April 5, 2012, Shane
Powell was let go from the band due to his egotistical attitude and was replaced with Blake.( A new chapter
has begun.)

In may 2012 the lineup has changed and new songs was created. Boom was replaced with nick, also the
bass player for Gruesome. Joe played his last show on June 28th before he took a hiatus to work on other
projects and Bobby C. is now back and now behide the wheel and driving us forward.

Currently, Ewreckening is in the process of working with a second guitarist James and will soon be entering the
studio to work on the band’s first demo.

Goals & Objectives

Ewreckoning’s mission is to make every show and every song heartfelt and for everyone to have fun with
music they can relate to. We are seeking to obtain shows at larger venues and record our first demo. We
also seek to receive radio play and even get signed to a record label, whether it is independent or major.

(Previous Venues Performed)-

Boobie Trap Bar – Topeka, KS

Truckhinge – Topeka, KS

Live Music Institute – Topeka, KS

Granada Theater – Lawrence, KS

Jerry’s Bait Shop – Lenexa, KS

Jerry’s Bait Shop – Lee’s Summit, MO

Aftershock Bar & Grill – Kansas City, MO

Beaumont Club – Kansas City, MO

Ewreckening has also performed at private parties throughout the Topeka area.


Ewreckening has also moved on to the second round of Gorilla Productions’ Kansas City Battle of the
Bands, which is coming up in September.
Ewreckening made it to the second round or Jim Kilroy’s Metal Wars.


Crown 1000 Power Amp
Crate cab with 4 12” inch speakers
Crate combo amp with 2 12” speakers
2 JBL 12” speakers w/ horns
Marshall Half-stack
Fender bass half-stack w/ 4 12” speakers
Ibanez Bass guitar
ESP Guitar
Wireless microphone
Shure kick drum microphone
2 – Shure 57 Microphones
5-piece drum set w/ 6 cymbals
Were all About Rockin the crowd and making loud music.
Hardcore,Metal, Hardrock Band from the lovely TOPEKA,KS. The hard riffs from our riff master and the fire breath from our lead singer the fastness of our drummer & the cunning of our bassist just brings it all together. Our Mission as a Metal band is to make every show and every song heart felt and for everyone to have fun with music they can relate to. To do nothing else but rock ur fuckin socks off.

Down, Mattalica, Korn, Slipknot, Dethklok, The Order Of Elijah, Slipknot, Rage Against The Machine, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Pantara, Mushroomhead, The Humble Gods, Rob Zomibe, Suicidal Tendencies & Much Much More.

Band Interests Sex/ Drugs and Rock'n'Roll

General Info

Band Members
Justin (Vox), Bobby(DRUMS), Blake (G-Tar), Nick (BASS), James (G-tar)
Artist Name
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Active Since
Indie / Heavy Rock / Expieramental Metal

Contact Info

Topeka, KS