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Kelsey Mira was 13 years old when her Mom asked her to sing for the TV repair man. He became a fan and invited the whole family to his recording studio. “We didn’t know he was a musician, or better yet, a seasoned engineer,” says Kelsey. “It was the perfect chance of luck. Unbeknownst to me, I would spend years recording and writing in his studio, making me the artist I am today.”

This TV repair man was named Jack and he became a great influence on Kelsey’s music career. Jack fought in Vietnam and upon leaving for the war; he missed a huge opportunity to sign his band with a label. After honoring his country and choosing to forgo a big musical career move, Jack wanted to do everything possible to help Kelsey be successful. “Jack is the most giving person I have ever met”, says Kelsey. “I remember recording in his studio and meeting new people walking up and down the basement stairs carrying baskets of laundry. Jack opened up his home to friends who needed extra help. He made them sandwiches. He went out and bought me lunches when I had been working for hours.”

Through the years, Jack’s studio became her second home. “I spent so much time there that I started running sessions myself,” says Kelsey. “Jack gave me a creative space to write and record my own music; he inspired me to keep growing and learning as an artist."

Kelsey Mira began writing music when she was very young, for a very unusual reason. Due to swelling of the brain caused by a bout of bacterial meningitis at age 7, Kelsey suffered short-term memory loss which left her frequently unable to remember her teacher's name, her bus stop, or what she did in school that day. Kelsey's doctors recommended using music as a way to forge new pathways to memory.

"I started putting everything that I needed to remember, to music. Music became a normal part of my everyday life and helped me get my memory back. I used to put math formulas and locker combinations to music. As I grew older, I was constantly singing a tune to help me remember something: whether it be directions, a grocery list, or an ice-cream order while employed at the whippy dip. I relied on music; I still do. I can’t imagine where I would be without it.”

Kelsey is classically trained and excelled in music through high school and college at Xavier University in Cincinnati where she studied vocal performance on full scholarship. When industry professionals started to seek her out, she decided to leave college and work full time on performing and songwriting. Xavier University held her scholarship for a year while she pursued music outside of school and still has her back every year to sing the National Anthem at the Men's Basketball games.

Kelsey then installed a home studio in her bedroom and began writing and recording music full time. Her demos caught the attention of six-time Grammy Award winning producer, Jimmy Hoyson and they recently finished recording her EP in Los Angeles, California at Ocean Studios.

Kelsey Mira’s EP includes five songs she wrote, featuring such notable musicians as Laurence Juber from Paul McCartney's 'Wings', Chad Wackerman, Domenic Genova, and Jim Cox. These songs showcase Kelsey Mira’s unique and powerful voice through tight acoustic arrangements, with catchy pop sensibility and youthful energy.

"I've always been told to write what I know. I write about life and challenges I face. I write many songs of secret passion for unsuspecting guys and write about the only one I ever loved. I find humor in life and try to infuse that into my music.”

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