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“General” Lee Matous and the New Confederacy Band is a unique country/southern rock group, the musical voice of the South, promoting American values, patriotism, belief in God, pride, honor, dignity, love and devotion, from our hearts, minds and souls.

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“General” Lee C. Matous was born in Kansas City, Missouri on August 8, 1959 to Bert F. and Marie C. Matous. Bert, a history buff, idolized Robert E. Lee, after whom Bert named his first son, who was the eldest of four children, although there is no familial relationship with the Lee family.


Lee attended Grandview Sr. High in Grandview, Missouri, where he was very active in marching and stage bands and the school symphony, where he played drums and keyboards. He was active in his school and church choir, and wrote compositions for the choir without any formal training in music writing.

After graduating from Grandview Sr. High in 1977, Lee attended the University of Missouri-Rolla, and earned a degree in Mechanical Engineering. Realizing thereafter that better opportunities existed in other disciplines, Lee entered the legal field, creating a niche for a judgment recovery business, the only one in the State of Arkansas.


Music has always played a large part in Lee’s life. Perhaps it is genetic, as Lee is descended from the renowned composer, Richard Wagner, on his father’s side. Encouraged by his father, Lee learned to play the accordion and read music at the age of four, learning German/Czech/Polish polka music. As he became older, Lee began writing music in his spare time and his song, “I’m a Cowboy Fan”, released in 1994, received substantial airplay in Dallas-Fort Worth and throughout Texas during playoffs and the Super Bowl. Lee met with Ron Beckner, A&R of MCA Records, and was asked to write three more country songs for review. Lee then started recording in Dallas, Texas, releasing his first CD nationally in March 1999.

After signing with a management company in Nashville, Lee’s first single, “My Dixie”, was released nationwide and for a first-time artist, did extremely well on all charts. Nashville agents, who were watching Lee, stated that the name “General Lee” (who they dubbed the “Confederate Rocker”), was not politically correct and therefore required Lee to change the group and his personal name. “General” Lee refused.

Over the years, Lee continued to write and perform in small venues in Arkansas and Mississippi. In July 2008, Lee was contacted by Nashville, who told Lee that due to the growing political curiosity of the War Between the States, Nashville would reconsider Lee’s venue, performance and latest works. Currently, Lee resides in Hot Springs, Arkansas, where his band is in the studio, working on a new CD, to be released nationally.

“General” Lee’s style of music is Country/Southern Rock. His musical influences include, but are not limited to, Hank Williams Jr., Johnny Cash, Blackhawk, AC/DC, Def Leppard, .38 Special, Lynyrd Skynrd, as well as various bluegrass and classical artists. However, “General” Lee has his own unique modern Southern sound.

Confederate States of America

Lee’s Confederate roots run deep. His great-grand uncle, Samuel Vanover, fought for the Confederacy in the 10th Texas Infantry, Co. I. Vanover survived the war. Always intensely interested in Southern history, Lee became so well-informed that his history teachers at Grandview asked him to teach the Civil War history class.

In 2000, Lee joined the Sons of Confederate Veterans, and in 2004, Lee’s efforts for the return and rededication of the Confederate Iron Cross stolen from the grave of Brigadier General Stand Watie, CSA, received national attention.

Musical Message

General Lee’s battlecry is “Have Powder, Will Fire”. The “powder” is the true history of the Southern people, and “fire” is the voice of the people and the true message being sent. December 20, 2010 is the beginning of the sesquicentennial (150-year anniversary) of the secession of South Carolina, lighting the fuse for what was to become the nation’s bloodiest conflict, the War of Southern Independence. General Lee and the New Confederacy’s musical message is that it is NOW the time that the true history of the South be told in lieu of the revisionist history which has been in place for over 140 years, and the political correctness through which the South has become reviled is not to be tolerated. The truth must be told so that future generations can learn from the nation’s past events, and to not blindly accept as fact the revised version promulgated by the media and as taught in schools, which politically affects this nation today.


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