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Patrick Wild began playing music more than 20 yrs ago. First starting with drums in school band- then moving on to bass, piano, harmonica,and vocal instruction and ended with the guitar. As a touring musician for the last ten years, he has played with many gifted players throughout his life, both famous and undiscovered talents, and has learned a great deal from them all. He spends his downtime as a studio and fill in player for hire.
Patrick and Larry formed L.O.W. and have been writing and playing off and on for many years. They soon drafted Sean Ledbetter(Flip) on bass and began a power trio of metal. Touring schedules have prevented them from playing and recording together very much, but as things have calmed down a little, L.O.W is in the process of recording a high quality demo and shopping it around. We are even looking for opening slots to do some live shows. Good things are hopefully, on the way!
If you like what you hear let us know and pass it on, if not we still thank you and wish you well. In the words of Patrick W .....we wish you love, luck, wealth n happiness and may God bless you.......so .....Lets Rock!!!!!

Larry's equipment is a Pearl kit, Pearl Icon Drumrack, Zildjian Cymbals, Wuhan China cymbals, Vic Firth sticks, and Gibraltar drum throne. He has been playing the drums since 3rd grade (over 30 years)! He is self taught and has worked hard to be the best player he can. Also started playing guitar in high school and writing songs. Went on to play drums with countless bands in front of thousands of people. He played guitar for about 5 years with one band in which that time he learned a lot about the instrument and was useful recording his own songs. He is ready to get this band rolling and get the demo finished to start shopping around and playing some shows! There will be great things come out of this band, they are just like family and get along and write songs with ease! The roller coaster is about to begin..get in and hang on tight!

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Patrick Wild - Vox & Guitar..Larry Eldridge - Drums..Flip Ledbetter - Bass
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Rock / Hard Rock

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Knoxville, TN