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I come from Midland, Michigan. I became enamored with the bass guitar at age 17. I planted myself into the mid-michigan scene and tore into the musical smorgasborg that I found there. Blues, soul, and funk became my main meals. Other musical styles became my rich desserts, sumptious appertifs, and tasty snacks.

The slingshot of music and life experiences streched for 15 years in Michigan. When it finally relased in March 1987, I was flung south and landed in St. Petersburg, FL. Once there, I recieved a warm welcome from the Tampa Bay music community.

The songs featured here are great examples of the union of a solid rhythm section and good songs to sing. (even the instrumentals!)

The music I will be providing in the future will combine strong songs, musically and vocally, with a unique accompaniment on the bass guitar alone or mixed with other sundries i will play on.

The first pieces will be my twists on OPM (Other People's Music). It is my hope that you witness the music evolving into my own compositions with the FONK of the others propelling it. It should be fun!

I thank you in advance for choosing to ride with me. You did not have to! If you see other roads that would be cool to explore, point them out. We will see if those paths stay true to the heart and soul!

Thanks and strap in!


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Blues / soul / funk

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Saint Petersburg, FL