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The Sound Awake is a band out to prove that guitars and great songs are still the joyful engine of music to come. There is a familial harmony that exists between band mates and brothers Nick and Mike Bullock, Dana Billings and Bruce Hyde that bring broken hearted music lovers a sense of wonder and hope. Guitars are wrung into unexpected places and shapes, drinking in the "heart on the sleeve" influence of mid 90's underground heros such as Doug Marsch and Stephen Malkmus. The bass and drums spit them back out onto the freshly dug and fertilized soil. Nick Bullock has a knack for snagging catchy melodies and turns of phrase that float on wave after wave of  memorable hooks with earnest lyrics: "there's no one to blame, there's no more sparks, I'm left in the dark, so light me a match, burn me to ash, and I'll break apart" (lyrics from "Ashes of my Memories")
    The Sound Awake's principled and hard working approach is evident in every step they take, from stage to studio. The unofficial fifth member of the band is their trusty Tascam 388 (nicknamed "Corky"), which has been assigned the mission of capturing the bands bleeding heart on reel to reel tape. The Sound Awake's live shows are something to behold. Ripe with potency and passion, the band pours themselves into every intoxicating minute they make. Baptizing the crowd with handfuls of earthy textures and sounds that spill from their heart, to their ears, and finally out of their instruments.
Growing momentum locally and regionally in 2011 with their debut EP release ("The Study of Clouds"- Angry Mom Records), the four band members are proving that a great guitar line, and a willingness to speak your truth are all you need to inspire a love affair between artist and fan. The band will be holing up in a remote cottage with "Corky" in the mountains of West Virginia to record their first full length LP this spring and summer, to be released on Angry Mom Records this fall.

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Nick Bullock (gtr, vocals) Mike Bullock (bass) Dana Billings (Drums)
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The Sound Awake
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Pop / Indie Rock / Indie Pop

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Ithaca, NY

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