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Amor-Ah! received her first microphone for Christmas at 8-months old and never put it down. Her deep passion for music blossomed from her parents artistic abilities. At only 3 years of age, you could see the inspiration in her eyes while attending Choir rehearsals faithfully every day and night with her Mother. This little 3 year old was convinced she was apart of the choir too. Her Father had created a name for himself (Rickashay) while DJ'ing in the local club scene. Later he formed a Jazz/ Funk band with his brothers called the 'SWAV Band', performing at venues with 'The Time' & 'New Edition'. Amor-Ah's Dad was often absent from her home, so Music was a way of keeping her Father close. It also helped her express all of the feelings and emotions that were bottled up inside. She started writing music at the young age of 9. She enjoyed the spot light; from choir, to talent shows, or just Apollo-nights with the family, she knew she wanted to be a performer since childhood. Amor-Ah recorded her first demo in 5th grade, with her Father's assistance and equipment.

The spotlight always seemed to follow her where ever she went. In High school she was casted as a lead actress/ performer in a musical called: 'The Cotton Club' playing a single mother who sang and waitressed at the club. In 2005 Amor-Ah started proactively pursuing her music career. Her first song recorded "Nice & Slow" with D1 was featured on the radio as a commercial for radio personality/Host, Big Tyme (B96). The track was also played in the local club scene. In July 05' Liquid Ice Energy Drink started their launch in MN and requested Amor-Ah to be a Promotional Model. Amor-Ah was picked up by TLM Group in June of 2006, early on in her career. Working with TLM is where she teamed up with vocalist, producer and writer; Mrs. Ginger Patterson. By the end of the year, AmorAh recieved many signing offers from various record labels. Due to the falling of TLM Group the company closed and all contacts were lost. Amor-Ah returned to college to earn an education in Health Care, saving up the money necessary to hire a new producer to finish what she had originally started.

In the summer of 2011 everything would change as she relocated from Northern MN to the Twincities. She ended up reconnecting with Midwest Magic, the label that once taught her almost everything she knew about the industry. She quit her day job and vowed to give her career 100 percent on her first year out as an Artist. In August 2011 upon meeting Lil Wayne, a member from YMCMB approached Amor-Ah "Youre an Artist right?" With a confused look Amor-Ah replied "Yeaaaa, how did you know?" His response was, "Because you LOOK like one!" In September 2011 she was signed to Midwest Magics record label and immediately flew down to Dallas, TX to begin working on her first album. Through Midwest Magics help she discovered her own unique Pop sound, that would place her music in a lane of its own. A month after her listening party and release of her single "Star", she was given the opportunity to open up for the legendary Jon B. Following her performance Jon B made it a point to mention that "you were the first person I saw when I walked in, you sparkled and you did a good job up there... Keep it up!"

Amor-ah continues to get booked performing and hosting around the twincities, as there is a continued demand for her presence. She received an award for the "Top 5 hardest working women in MN". She has had many opportunities to meet and connect with the industry including: Lil Wayne, Murphy Lee, K. Michelle, Lil Scrappy, Jon B, Meek Mill, RL, Snoop Dogg, Vivian Green, Carol Thomas, Bizarre, Big Boi, Mike Jones, Tony Yayo, Lloyd Banks, Real & Chance, Twista and Traxstar. She has gained valuable knowledge, seizing every opportunity amongst the Industrys Elite as a chance to learn and build wisdom. Amor-Ah has auditioned and performed every chance she could get, (reality shows, A & R's, label execs., etc..) Her newly anticipated POP Album: "Break & Bridges" was released on her birthday April 30, 2012 (Production and Engineering by: Midwest Magic Prd). Gaining airplay across the country all the way over to London, Poland, etc. With a second distribution deal her album was released to a broader audience on September 25, 2012. Since her albums release she reached the 'Top DJ Society Charts'. Up against the many greats in the industry (Rihanna, Chris Brown, etc.) she manage to surpass them on the charts. Gaining a position of #8 nationally and #33 internationally. Although her position fluctuates she has remained on the charts for several months.

Due to her talent, work ethic, creativity and ambition; she has many eyes set on her. Midwest Magic along with some special producers and artists, will be contributing to her NEW album releasing in 2014. No one can deny this "Shooting Star" she is headed on her way up and there is nothing stopping her!

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