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Lashawn “Soloh” Millner is an R&B singer whose active interest isn’t to “show out” just show off.
His performances are packed with a menagerie of emotions, from dwelling in the state of love to
dealing with loss and everyday life.

Soloh is taking a somewhat different approach to R&B than most artists. He is more
interested in the integrity of the music he both performs and records as an artists, rather than the
allure of a half decent sales pitch and replication of the last hot hook on the radio.

If you are looking for a performer who will truly move the crowd and keep them dwelling on his
voice while they attend your establishment, Soloh is the artist for you.

Soloh was born in modest Eden, NC where he started to perform at the young age of 9. He
started like many R&B singers right there in front of his family and friends at his local church. It
was only two years later at 11 that he had his first professional gig. Knowing the hard work and
determination that is required at such an early age is something many artists even in their adult
careers never understand but Soloh understands it all to well. He then went on to perform both
at his high school and talent shows just showcasing his vocal ability. Soloh, both years (2004 &
2005) had standing ovations. After high school Soloh went on to pursue his career professionally,
having picked up open mic nights anywhere available and having shows at almost any of the local
venues that support R&B as a performing art. He has performed with local artist “The Old School
Player Band” for several years through venues throughout Virginia, North Carolina, & South Carolina. During this time he released his debut album titled “The Debut” in the 4th quarter of 2012. Soloh isn’t just a rat looking for cheese. He is a serious performer who knows what it is needed to be done and isn’t afraid to do it. Soloh is the next artist you need on your roster. He will be certain to entertain and guaranteed to impress.

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Greensboro, NC

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