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(Hello reverb nation! I wish to call attention to my Father, Lester Norton. He is 85 years old & will turn 86 on January 17th, 2013...)
My Father did indeed reach his 86th Birthday January 17th, 2013, but passed away on February 23rd, 2013. It has been a hard time and I have piles of lyrics he accumulated in over 50 years of 'note-taking'. If anyone would like to help me put music & melody to his lyrics, please let me know. These lyrics do not have to remain 'Southern Gospel'. They can be transformed into any genre of Gospel...I pray he won't haunt me!

I am spotlighting the songs of his that are posted on the Verb. He has Kidney Cancer & as a songwriter & insiration to me, will be gone before his talent can be recognised. Please listen to the songs I have put at the top of my list. He wrote & sang "Take Me Home/I Want To Go There"; I sang the others as his 'demo singer'. I am proud of my Father & his talent as a songwriter; he inspired me when I was 4 years old. Not to say we are 'hit' writers, but we were & are both writers to this day. Even though he has terminal Cancer, he bought a little keyboard & continues to come up with new ideas.....Please listen to the songs that say "Lester Norton". I co-wrote several of these songs as did my Husband Cory. We shared many years with my Dad co writing songs, creating melodies with Cory writing the chord arrangements. I'd also like to thank Jeff Allen for recording so many songs with us & producing. David Griffin was also a producer & Al Lamonica recorded, produced & sang harmony on "Take Me Home".
Thank you all for believing in my Father.
When you hear these songs, please send me a message if you like them.
If any of you would like to record any of my Dad's songs please call him to "ask permission' . Tell him how much you love his writing. He won't have a problem with it & it will give him such joy!! I'd like him to know other writers appreciate his music.Thank you all for listening & giving my Father a reason to smile! If you record any of his songs, send me your recordings so I can share them with him; he doesn't have a computer but I can sent your recordings to my Granddaughter on her lap top. God Bless you for making an old man happy.
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My email: tfeaser@suddenlink.Teri

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No bands but projects recording & writing music with: Luciano Martella,Endre Karbiner, Tony C, Lester Norton (my Dad)& Vlado Lolenic
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Teri Norton-Feaser
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Singer Songwriter / All genres but rap...haven't written one yet!! / Country, Blues, Gospel, Spiritual, Rock, Easy List

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Flippin, AR