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"Every day im one step closer, living in a dream im futher than I thought I would ever get, seems like fiction, sharing the same stage with legonds such as, Lazy Bone, Luni Colieone, C-BO, Bizzy Bone, Doomsday Productions, King Gordy, Esham...The saga continues...."
- Nomatic

Nomatic A.K.A Anthony James Kaski was born in Vancouver, WA, on December 10th, 1985 at Memorial Hospital…..
At the age of 5 years old, Nomatic was forced to grow up fast, due to the harsh home environment he was exposed too.
The name Nomatic was taken directly from the word Nomadic or Nomad (Native Americans, Gypsies, wonderers ect hunter gatherers, who continuously moved around to resources, with no stable home).
"Ironically I recently discovered, my ancestors on my mothers side are the oldest known inhabatints of Scandinavia, they are called the Sámi. Some are still practicing their ancestors beliefs, living as nomads and shamanists.

Anthony became accustomed to his unstable criminal environment, even the abusive, drug dealing, father figures whom came in and out of his life every 6 – 24 months.
With his male role models changing so often, he eventually noticed the pattern of the type of men his Mother, Aunt, and Grandmother were choosing to enter into relationships with.
Most being abusive drunks, whom were uasually outlaws on the run from the "Law", for theft, drug, or robbery charges. The deeper their connections with the criminal drug underworld, the longer they were around, almost all of them ending up in incarceration…MOVING FORWARD......
"My moms flaked out on me when I was 13, after that I took up couch surfing and selling drugs, simply because that’s all I knew."
"I had no goals, ambition, or drive to do anything. I just figured I would end up like every one else, a felon (couldn't avoid that one), a crook, dead beat, loser, x-con yadda yadda…"
"I started rapping in 1999, just to have some type of goal or dream. It also helped me to escape the world I diden't want to deal with. I learned it helped me earn the praise and respect from my friends and peers, at this time it was my only gradifacation."
"In the old days I was the low man, I was on borrowed time, sleeping on someone elses couch, trying to be someone else other than me...….'
"My first influences in rap, and the first people I emulated where, Snoop Dogg, Warren G, Ice Cube, Do or Die, Brotha Lynch, and E-40…There's so many more but thats another story…..."
What started off as a lil bit of criminal activity, smoking weed, drinking 40’s and bumping music, quickly turned into freestyle sessions, and battle rapping, Bang! A rapper was born. "Little did I know I had a lot to learn, and I had a lot changes to still go through.Been through alot but im still learning'
"I must have quit rapping a hundred times, not cuz I sucked, but because I didn’t do or feel everything I rapped about..Recently I went back and listened to the music I made on the old 4track cassette recorder that I started with when I was a pup. In my lyrics I said: 'Its funny how things change, everything get so different and strange' ( I had that right)… I also talked about Heroin use, meth use, pistol packing, shooting myself, date raping bitchs, partying and not giving a fuck. What tripped me out about my old music was, at the time I wrote it I didn’t do 20% of what I said in my raps. That’s when I started to cry..I was no longer innocent, shit I taught "Sheen" how to lean... I had been a junkie, tweeker, alcholic, and convicted fellon .. . When I go to the welfare office, my people are their. When I go to jail I see my niggas, I take more drugs than most people and still drive um home … I’ve done almost everything I talked about in my raps, aside from killing, and supernatural acts, its all been a self fulfilling prophecy, and a rocky road, but that's all dust in the wind..It's a new day and I think its about time to write the new story...Join me lets make some fucking history!!!!"
-Anthony "Nomatic" Kaski

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